Guitarist Herman Li talks us v DragonForce’s breakthrough hit with The Fire and also Flames – it’s not just around Guitar Hero,y’know?

In the early on 2000s friend couldn’t acquire arrested play power steel in the UK, apart from by the musical fashion police perhaps. DragonForce adjusted that with their breakthrough 3rd album and its lead solitary Through The Fire and also Flames. Epic, rampant and fiendishly technological – together legions the gamers could testify – it presented the band to avast audience through its consists on guitar Hero 3and subsequentgames.

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Here, guitarist Herman Li describes how a ​‘kitchen sink’ (and flushing toilet) method led come the band’s most iconic and recognisablesong…

“This was ago in early 2005 and also we were making our third album. It’s an important album in developing your sound, and we were just throwing every little thing including the kitchen sink into every single song. Us thought, ​‘What do we like?’ It had to be large and end the top and also have 6 guitar solos. Us were writing songs through no boundaries. In ~ that allude in time anyone hated etc solos and I’d choose to think us played some part inthat.

“The funny point is we strategy every track pretty lot the same when we’re making an album, therefore we never said through The Fire and also Flames is going come get much more attention or be much better than the other songs. Lock all obtain equal treatment but somehow this song did ring abell through us; it is why us made the the first song top top the album and made it the very first single and also video. Ithink the heartbreaking chorus has actually something to perform with it. The ​‘So much away…’ heat has become sort of aDragonForce meme together well, due to the fact that we’ve provided it so numerous times. Usually the words ​‘far away’ just work well v all kinds of melody. There’s likewise an element of those fantasy-themed lyrics the can likewise be applied to real life. ​‘Through the fire and also the flames we lug on,’ is apowerful sentiment that alot of world got into, Ithink.

“There are likewise some distinctive sounds on that track that were vital for DragonForce. It in reality starts with an acoustic guitar, i m sorry is unusual due to the fact that we’re known for fast electrical guitar. We were do the efforts to create weird sounds and in one experiment us were flushing atoilet and holding aguitar versus it therefore the pickup to be vibrating indigenous the flush. The didn’t quite make the album, it no as amazing asound as we’d hoped. Ns not sure what the hell we were law in few of it, however we walk come up v the Pac-Man sound in with The Fire and Flames – just prior to the etc solo kicks off — which has become avery well known guitar soundnow.

“Another exciting thing is that aguitar string damaged during the record of the song and that continued to be on the album. The critical ​‘WEE-OWW’, like awhammy bar pull, the cable actually damaged on there. The string broke due to the fact that at the time we still had to pay because that our own guitar strings so wednesday avoid an altering them! The ones because that the solos wednesday change, yet the etc we do the noises on, we didn’t bother an altering the strings. Ithink us didn’t change them also after recording for sixmonths.

“It took 6 months to record the album and also we pieced the song together, so through The Fire and also Flames came together over that totality period. That takes along time to make those solos and the harmonies. Simply on the beginning intro itself we had actually three command guitars, 2 rhythm guitars and the acoustic prior to the to sing evenstarts.

“It ended up ~ above the etc Hero game however by the time wednesday done three headlining tourism in the U.S., as well as the key stage in ~ Ozzfest. Ithink us were on the verge that something, however it did add an extra boost of course, and it made united state kinda mainstream. We did the Ellen DeGeneres TV show, we have aPlatinum record for with The Fire and also Flames in America. We still always get asked to play the on guitar Hero once someone’s setup an interview up. They shot to force us since they think the funny to see usfail.

“Through The Fire and Flames was also the very first music video clip we ever made. The spending plan was low, Ithink the was around €5,000 and also the drinking on there is real. We filmed until about midnight, and also by 10pm Sam was so boring he began drinking. We were act the guitar solos last as aseparate scene and also the director to be going, ​‘Yeah, store drinking, just do your thing.’ so drinking and also shredding has actually become an additional DragonForce thing. The was cut down to 5 minutes but the funny point is we actually played the edited variation on Ozzfest. We acquired maybe 25minutes and that’s 3 songs for us, so we played the editedversion.

“There was apoint wherein Igot boring of play it however I’m earlier into the tune now. You understand what, it’s better to have actually amassive hit tune that world want to hear than to never have one atall.”

Posted on October fourth 2019, 12:38p.m.
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