about Don"t struggle the Feelin"

Don"t hit the Feelin" is the second studio album by American rapper Rappin" 4-Tay from mountain Francisco, California. It to be released ~ above September 13, 1994 via Chrysalis Records and also Rag peak Records. Record session took ar at Graffiti Tunez in West Oakland, in ~ Buck Fifty Records, at Bay watch Productions, in ~ Sucka complimentary City and at JT"s in the Mo. Production was handled by Ant Banks, black C of RBL Posse, Cyrus Esteban, Gigolo G, J-Mack, JT the Bigga Figga, Lil" Fly, T. C., and also Franky J, who likewise served together executive producer. The album functions guest appearances from other San Francisco-based rappers JT the Bigga Figga, Lil" Fly and Seff tha Gaffla. The album spawned two charted singles: "Playaz Club" and "I"ll be Around", which made it to #36 and #39 dong on the Billboard warm 100 singles chart in the unified States. The album itself peaked in ~ number 174 on the Billboard 200 and also at number 52 top top the top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

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Tha album was named after a tune "Don"t fight the Feelin"" from too $hort"s 1988 album Life Is... Also Short, i beg your pardon is wherein Rappin" 4-Tay do his mainstream debut.more »

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Say hoeYeah youCan i ask girlfriend a questionYou favor to f*ck?Oh, girlfriend don"t desire me to talk to you favor that?Would you choose to do love?I experienced you walking under the street, and I had actually to stopTurn increase the radio and also drop the topI see you look therefore good, and you"re for this reason fineYoung tender, would certainly you be mineI gain you in my car, journey you to mine house"Cause I"m a mack, ns cold revolve you outI wont ask, and I certain won"t begReach appropriate over and also rub your legI let mine hand slide in between your miniskirtSlip a finger in your panties, right go to workWhat time is it? Don"t watch the clockLay ago baby doll and also I"ll rock the cockFunky Fresh ns am, and I constantly can, Freak NastyI"m the manI take you the end to the finest restaurantBuy you any kind of damn thing that girlfriend wantYou want flowers, I"ll buy her ass a roseBut afterwards you"re coming the end them panyhoseYou desire gold? Girl what"s next?It"s me and you, doing the sexSo currently you know I"m just a freakGive it increase baby, i can"t wait 2 weeksI want it all, don"t say i won"tGet that girl, currently I"m informing you don"tNigga please, friend provoke no feelingYou have to of forgot, the girls of who you"re dealingWe haven"t the urge, to get busyLike those bright Lizys, who supplied to dance because that you, you"re throughI can"t put it much more blunt, your vocab is restrictedYou"re addicted, to the words you inflictedTime after ~ time, heat after lineTalking bout the bitches that space on your mindDo they speak to you $hort because of your elevation or your width?Diss me boy, I"ll hang her balls from a cliffWrapped approximately a slinky, you"re a dinkyIt"s an easy task, come the edge "cause the curb didn"t desire your assYour name is yuck mouth, girlfriend don"t brushGotta cover her mouth choose thisThey call you yuck mouthYou refuse to brush, no sweetheart you can keep the kissYou"re a freak v no tailYou have no ass, classYou can"t pass, you"re simply trashYou"re a typical nigga, the kind you don"t take homeThis is Entyce and Barbie from the hazard ZoneLike a short dog that carries fleasYou do my ass itch, twitchDon"t you wish you can scratch itAnd grab it favor you want itThe surname fits "cause you"re all up top top itGet mad if friend want, ns won"t frontWhen it"s time come hump, won"t it is in no punkRoll your ass over and also tap the buttToo $hort infant all in castle gutsI"m no your ABC, native the alphabetEvery letter I"ll write"ll acquire your pussy wetIt"s just a freaky note, native me come youAt the bottom i signed that Playboy III"m a player, bitch, I assumed you knewLike every various other nigga in mine crewI bump hoes, now it"s her turnTell me young tender as soon as will you learnI cold mack favor pimps you knowWon"t offer you dope or sell you blowJust her average daily straight bump up bitchMy gold rings come indigenous spitzLook baby, You recognize what i wantYou"re acting choose it"s that time the the monthAre you bleeding? Can"t think about sex?Irritated by your Kotex?We don"t have to kiss, we don"t need to f*ckI"ll pull the end my cock bitch, you can suckNow here, don"t say ns won"tGet that girl, now I"m informing you don"tPunk I"m not a tease, I"m not a skeezerAnd most definately, no a prick pleaserYou"re dreaming, and scheaming, and fiending for my lustYou don"t have actually enough, for you ns feel disgustWait, small things ns hateFor kindness sakes, if I wanted someone tiny I would certainly masturbateI"m no talking "bout your height, weight, or what friend dreamWhen i say as well short, you recognize what ns meanYou see, I need man, no a boy to approach meYour lame game, yes, really insults meYour surname is too $hort, or shall ns say also skinnyIf dimension were money honey, girlfriend wouldn"t have a pennyLittle boy, you"re not a playerI"m her saviorTo try to acquire at me mirrors audacious behaviorI"ve acquired to sit on my feet to come down to your levelYour mommy should have hung you, from her umbilical cordIf she would have known your missionOkay little boy, here"s a propositionYou wanna little bit of danger, step into my zoneYou speak to yourself a dogg, thatz just how I"ll send you homeWith your tail between your legs, screeching and whiningDare come say you gained some? Nigga please you"re lying"Cause to fight the feeling, over there would have to be oneAnd mathmatically, me to add you amounts to noneI am the rapper the they call 4-tayI"m gon tell you prefer my homie brief Dogg would certainly sayHoes in the world, trying to play the sweetKnowing cursed well that they wanna freakSome carry out this for perhaps a weekAnd climate it"s cool to acquire up under the sheetsTrying to work that thang, yet she stated noThat"s about as far as it"s going to goSo ns toss and turn, to do it looseFinally she feel the act best juiceSome of friend hoes say, five that"s nastyBack of your coat to speak sweet and sassy24 deep, that"s just how you sleepUndercover freak every day of the weekYou see few of you freaks simply need come quit itPlaying that role like friend ain"t through itThe remainder of girlfriend freaks just won"t recognize itEspecially when you know simply who can acquire itAin"t nobody tripping cuz I understand I"m rightYou can be black or you could be whiteFor a black color girl it yes, really don"t take too longBut a white girl"s always tryin to turn ya onWith a small squeze, however it"s just a teaseGive her part time, she"ll be on she kneesThen I"ll pick her up, so I can work the buttBaby, I just wanna try to bust a nutBut don"t gain me wrong, cause you started it allComing to my home in a camisoleBut as soon as it"s time because that me to shoveThen girlfriend front top top all that loveFirst you stated that i deserve itNow you fight, don"t want to offer itGave it part time, so make up your mindDon"t struggle the feeling, it"s time to unwindYou was talking "bout you gunna give my someBut I"m Rappin 4 Tay it don"t make me noneYeah man, the tiny hoes got illSo now it"s time to get method too realI know they never have some actual dickThey should quit talking the childish shitYou wanna location hoGo get your bank hoMy little dick"ll have actually you screaming noBecause when it involves sex, you don"t know what"s upYou"re still play that finger f*ckSee I"m a get an impressive manI bust some young prick outI like large butts, not huge mouthsI understand some tiny girls"ll break you under in bedPull her drawers down, give you some headBut little girl, girlfriend wanna have some funYou far better go come magic mountain cuz your means too youngSo at this point, ns really can"t to speak shitAin"t dropping no lines, I"ll just speak to you a bitchBeyotch!

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