Solve the "Torchlight discover the hour" and also "Invisible path" spiritual Land Owl Puzzles v our answers because that Super quit Bros. Ultimate.

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Super quit Bros. Ultimate’s civilization of light is largely a repertoire of unusual heart battles, but it does sometimes break these up v puzzles come solve. One such difficulty that has actually left plenty of players stumped is the collection of Owl puzzles you’ll conference in the sacred Land.

Don’t issue if you get stuck here, we won’t let these pesky bird hinder your adventurous spirit. In this overview we’ll teach you just how to fix each sacred Land Owl Puzzle in super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sacred soil Owl Puzzle answers

There"s no need to waste much more time ~ above this puzzle. © Nintendo

You’ll have to complete the spiritual Land owl puzzles to progression through world of Light’s key path, which means getting grounding on them have the right to be quite infuriating. Fortunately we can help you out there through the answers you need. Follow each guide listed below to do your method past these pesky predators.

Torchlight discover the hour

The first owl you’ll need to decipher is the northernmost one over the one town. Interacting with that will provide the post “12:10” v no various other information. The secret here is that the style matches the of a digital clock. Watch sirhenryjones-museums.orgain in ~ the town southern of here and also you’ll view it’s shaped in a huge circle, similar to a clock face. You should light the torches that enhance the hours and also minutes of the messsirhenryjones-museums.orge.

The left number, 12, corresponds to the red torches, while the right number, 10, matches the blue torches. This method you should light the red torch in ~ the top of the clock challenge circle, climate the second blue torch clockwise native the height (at 10 minutes past the hour). This will cause the owl in ~ the center of the circle come disappear and also aa new spirit fight to appear.

There space a variety of other times you can set to unlock tricks here based upon what various other owls say. The other other important one to complete is setup the time come 4:40 (the 4th red torch and also eighth blue torch) come unlock a fight sirhenryjones-museums.orgainst the Mii Brawler.

The Invisible Path

The following tricksy owl you’ll discover is in the fog-covered forest in i m sorry you need to find a surprise path forward. You’ll with an owl who provides the messsirhenryjones-museums.orge: “East, south, and also then continue south. The invisible path calls come you.”

Follow these directions exactly, travel right, climate down, then relocating down in the the small gap v a dead tree after the path curves. This will spawn a 2nd owl top top the course ahead. Speak come this one and you’ll get the post “North, west, north, and then proceed north. Dive in through coursirhenryjones-museums.orge.” friend now have to follow these directions, relocating up, climate left till the next path leads approximately the lake.

It may not look like a route, yet keep wade north and you’ll pass v the lake and pop out additional along the map. One mystery to note is that you have the right to unlock an additional character by walking right into the chest you see above the lake in this area.

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Check out this handy video by GamersPrey if you obtain stuck follow me the way:

And with that, the core sacred Land owl puzzle answers space complete! feather for an ext Smash ultimate content? we can help you unlock every character in the game, or replay the pesky Challenger approaching match.