A Columbus, Ohio venue has actually erupted in chaos in the hours prior to a twenty one pilots display tonight (June 22).

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EXPRESS LIVE!, an out amphitheatre, is the 3rd stop of twenty one pilots' tourism de Columbus, a marketed out five-night operation of hometown shows. The previous two nights' shows have actually taken place at relatively small venues, the Basement and also Newport Music Hall, hold 300 and also 1,700 respectively.

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But tonight's marketed out present at to express LIVE! stop 5,200, and also lining increase over five thousand superfans top top the roads of Columbus, some of which have actually flown across the nation to it is in in attendance, has actually proven to be no simple feat.

Here's the lowdown: The venue does not permit anyone come camp overnight prior to shows. Unbothered by these restrictions, fans found a loophole and camped throughout the street or in surrounding parks. Chaos erupted in ~ 6 AM once lining came to be officially authorized, and also those in “unofficial” present stampeded throughout the street right into oncoming website traffic to be at the front.

See videos below.

Here are fans waiting across the street because that the go-ahead before 6 AM:

tour de shit show pic.twitter.com/pGCDvLNkWo

— lexy |-/ now (
lexydray) June 22, 2017

The #TDCExpress heat looks like it's around to gain messy. �� pic.twitter.com/3psyEeK3AY

— Anival |-/ x10 (
Anival0) June 22, 2017

And the taking place stampede. In both videos, you can see a police automobile pulling up to the scene:

So this is #TDCExpress pic.twitter.com/g45gOsS03U

— Anival |-/ x10 (
Anival0) June 22, 2017

this to be the operation to the main line at express #TourDeEXPRESS #TourDeColumbus pic.twitter.com/71w9acmtvM

— mickey is emo (
hometownemo) June 22, 2017

The chaos seems to have put human being in harm's way:

I obtained hit by a car and I'm pretty certain I broke my foot soooo

— Ella// this day (
Fallingforjish_) June 22, 2017

There was a substantial stampede because that express live and also parents to be fighting and also people gained hurt, the heat is a mess as well w people trying to skip

— emma (
bowtiejosh) June 22, 2017

i got crushed versus a POLICE! CAR! https://t.co/g4rWpMH4Sy

— moonlight • this day (
kiaraiannone) June 22, 2017

The venue and also its parent company, Promowest Productions, have come under fire for the mishandling of group control and also its camping restrictions.

risks of camping: someone asks you because that spare change at 4 amrisks of getting here all at once: literal meaning stampedes, many injuries

— toby (
tobyonepilots) June 22, 2017

and assumption: v what, everyone!!! no one would’ve gained hurt v an unofficially line system moving over to the venue, calmly. Https://t.co/j0zqV7zH4u

— kaylea | express (
kayleatattoli) June 22, 2017

please explain to me exactly how i walk from gift at the former of the line to the ago because the police in ~ express live??

— Maya || now (
maya_elyse) June 22, 2017

express live is the messiest occasion i've ever seen. Lines were no honored. Anyone running into each other in crowds.

— timmy now (
kitchnsnnk) June 22, 2017

The LC line couldn't have actually been encountered in a less organized manner and also now everyone is squished together like sardines. Someone got hurt.

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— stephen (
alsostephenking) June 22, 2017

first GA concert will certainly be mine last thank you to express live ���� #TourDeExpressLive

— alexa hates express (
nottodaylovely) June 22, 2017

they're accurate spraying some human being with cold water. We space being treated like actual animals

— jacy. Refer TODAY! (
sunsetsleeve) June 22, 2017

i've never had a good experience at express live, seriously fuck the venue and also promowest https://t.co/xz4fm7IRg4

— liv // schott 3 (
holdnontoyou) June 22, 2017

we had everything safely organized and also then the venue comes and also fucks everyone over. All the world who camped room in the mid earlier and +

— moonlight • this day (
kiaraiannone) June 22, 2017

people who acquired there 30 mins prior are in the front. Express is just a shitty venue. Thanks bart

— moonlight • this particular day (
kiaraiannone) June 22, 2017

Clique is in jail party #TourDeExpress pic.twitter.com/sm3e8oozcV

— Lan(emm) Bo(y) TDC❕ (
907bis) June 22, 2017

With hundreds of people amassing through the hour and temperatures intended to top at 87 degrees for an outdoor show, problems are ripe for disaster. To express LIVE! and Promowest Productions have actually yet to release a windy statement on the situation.

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