Yes, it's called function overloading.Multiple attributes are may be to have the same name if you like, however MUST have various parameters.void func(int a, int b) void func(float a, int b) void func(int a, int b, int c) Here we have overloaded function "func", and also will all work within the same program. As soon as calling the function, the routine will run the function which matching to the arguements you happen through. Because that example, if you referred to as func(5.5, 6), it would certainly run the 2nd function.

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Cohen Creber explained the subject fully but through a basic NOTE !!!Be mindful that as soon as overloading a duty only changing the return value through the very same name and also parameters is no an overloading, that is an ERROR.In various other word return value change in overloading doesn't func() void func() is one ERROR.


Yes as long as the duty in inquiry is characterized differently by its parameters. Either using a different type or different number of arguments.This will work:void func(int a,int b)void func(int a,int b, int c)void func(float a, to rise b)This will not:void func(int a, int b)void func(int x, int y)




Yes,but desire to use different parameters.for example,int function(int a,int b);int function(float c,int d);Simply,called role overloading.

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Yes! that is possible to use 2 or more function with exact same name in c++.First I want to explain role overloading:Function overloading is concept which enable to user to define two or more functions through the very same name yet with a different collection of parameters.Hence we have the right to use two an ext function with very same name using function overloading concept.

yes that is feasible the functions with exact same name however with various parameters ...if we change the return type only that doesn't we have actually to change parameters or just their return types

Yes, the is possible. That is called duty overloading. Same function name yet different parameters.For example,void sum(int a, int b) void sum(float a, float b)

yes, the is called role overloading,Function overloading in C++ You deserve to have multiple definitions for the same duty name in the same scope

yes u can have multiple attributes with exact same name. The only condition is the these functions need come have different parameters. This attribute is called role overloading.

Yes...And the is called duty Overloading.U have the right to have same role name however with various parameters....!!!

yes that is possible with the concept of role overloading. Where attributes wit very same name however different parameters or parameter count are taken into consideration to be various functionseg. Int a() & int a(int b) space differentvoid a(int b) & void a(float b) are different

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