Predation. Power. Manipulation. Violence. Every one of these points and an ext run v Vampire: The Masquerade favor blood through a vein. If you"re ready to sink her fangs right into the gothic tabletop RPG, check out on for our beginner"s guide to exactly how to pat Vampire: The Masquerade RPG.

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Vampire: The Masquerade is a tabletop RPG both intense and intimate to play, because that it is a video game of consequences. Delicious, devastating consequences! In VTM, friend play as superordinary beings both an effective and damaged, inextricably tied come the mortal civilization while cursed to never ever truly be part of it. Sessions play out favor a high-budget TV drama crossed v a Greek tragedy, every boiled under to some straightforward dice-rolling and conversation.

How to play Vampire: The Masquerade RPG

If all of the above sounds appealing, you’ll be glad to understand that learning how to pat Vampire: The Masquerade and also getting began with the table RPG is an enjoyable process, too.

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Where carry out I begin in Vampire: The Masquerade?

Aside indigenous the RPG’s core rulebook, actually play Vampire: The Masquerade doesn’t require much more than pencil, record and a handful of 10-sided dice, do it well suited to remote play. In stimulate to keep an attentive, interested team where no player has actually been sidelined for an hour, it’s best suited to teams of three to four player characters.

One person will take on the function of the Storyteller, akin come the dungeon master in table RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons. They will certainly be the one who explains the world, plays the NPCs and calls because that rolls. Anyone else will create a fanged monster come play as, and also together you will certainly tell a story.

As with any tabletop RPG the main point of Vampire: The Masquerade is talking, however it’s same to say the VTM is deeply social past this, v the shaky relationships and criss-crossing dynamics constantly pulling in ~ players.

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What room the Vampire: The Masquerade clans?

Where other tabletop RPGs might have classes, in Vampire: The Masquerade vampires space from among a variety of different bloodlines, prefer a mystic genealogy. Every clan has actually its own an option of vampiric powers (called disciplines), and a uniquely dreadful bane the afflicts them. This choice will likewise determine who your sire is (the human that turn you into a vampire), as they share her clan.

Brujah: Fierce and passionate, Brujah burn the old because that the new.Gangrel: Beastial loners, for Gangrel only the strong survive.Nosferatu: Disfigured and also hidden, the Nosferatu know your secrets.Toreador: Glamorous artist or degenerates, Toreadors unlive because that beauty.Malkavian: Enigmatic and disturbed, Malkavians see also much.Tremere: Secrets and sorcery, the Tremere recognize true magic.Ventrue: Ambition and also power, Ventrue is the clan the kings.The Caitiff: Unwanted, adrift, Caitiff have no clan or home.The Thin-Blooded: half-cursed, hated, Thin-Bloods room almost, practically alive.Banu Haqim: Zealots and vigilantes, the Banu Haqim judge the ‘unworthy’.The Ministry: Spiritual and hedonistic, The Ministry space both priest and also sinner.Lasombra: Ruthless and also shadowy, the Lasombra space terrors in the dark.

For instance, you could create an eco-friendly activist in clan Gangrel. They have actually Animalism, Fortitude and also Protean as disciplines, letting them connect with animals, take it a savage beating and also even shapeshift right into beasts. Yet don’t forget her bane - in clan Gangrel, if you ever lose control and also fall right into frenzy, your animal nature manifests physically for a number of nights. Possibly you continuous smell favor unwashed lion, or your tongue becomes forked and also snakelike. Exactly how will friend hide what you truly are, from your friends? your family? her children?

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How carry out you develop a Vampire: The Masquerade character?

Vampire: the Masquerade character creation is ideal done as a group; you deserve to share ideas, bounce off each other and start to build relationships between characters. Think of a character principle that is exciting to you and build indigenous there. Some inquiries you can ask the each other are points like:

When to be you embraced (i.e. Turned right into a vampire)?Was it who you knew?Who to be you when you to be alive?Who did girlfriend know?

You deserve to even draw a map detailing the tangled internet of relationships and also intrigue you’re starting to build.

With the large strokes of your character down, you can make some essential choices, such as your vampire clan and its associated disciplines.

Next, work-related through selecting your character attributes and skills. Characteristics are her foundational stats favor Strength or Wits, while an abilities are much more specific through Occult, Larceny and also Brawl every being options. All of these stats will be in between zero and five dots: zero gift the bare minimum, five being virtuosic. Some characteristics will decide your willpower, how adept you room at staving off terror and rage, while her Stamina will determine just how much damages you have the right to take before the Final fatality - as soon as you will crumble to ash and also really, important die.

Then you need what’s known as a predator type. In short, exactly how do you get the blood you need to survive? do you mug victims and take the by force? feeding on them while lock sleep? Seduce them? there are few pleasant options.

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The final elements of Vampire: The Masquerade character development are your chronicle tenants, convictions and touchstones. Chronicle tenants are mutual for all characters and also NPCs; points that are embraced as being the unspoken rules of her world. They can be broken, yet there will be ramifications.

Convictions and touchstones room the an enig driving love of your character, her own an individual tenants. A conviction is a dominion that to her character is for sure true, and also will reason issues if broken. Linking you to the mortal people are your touchstones - mortals who, to your character, represent that i m sorry is valuable in this world. Every conviction has actually a corresponding touchstone, and anything that endangers or damages a touchstone is an attack on her vampire’s most fragile self. If the sounds deep unhealthy, it absolutely is! however it’s likewise the only thing keeping your vampire’s dwindling humanity in check.