Large wood Decorative warehouse Trunk - wood Leather endowment Chest crate Vintage Suitcase, 13.8" X 11.8" X 6.9"

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The big storage trunk steps 13.8" x 11.8" x 6.9", inner dimensions are 13.1" x 11.18" x 4.6", plenty of room to organize your collections

This storage chest is do of wood through leather and metal on every sides of package corners to carry out decorations and sturdiness and prevent sharpness2 Locks(no require keys) because that closing and opening the lid, and handle at the center of the suitcase, basic to bring it everywhere

Travel is just one of the an excellent adventures of life, and the remembrance of a beautiful time far from home can bring pleasure because that decades. Hidden away in a box somewhere, perhaps you have actually a repertoire of tickets, brochures, photo prints and also other little mementos of some of your favorite trips, just waiting come be included to a memory book or to be lovingly sorted with in a nostalgic moment. Now there’s a better way to save your favorite take trip memories: produce a decorative take trip trunk. This is the kind of do-it-yourself job that practically anyone deserve to do.

Overall: 12'' H x 10'' H x 17'' W x 14'' W x 6'' D x 5'' DLock and vital Included: NoMaterial: Faux Leather; WoodLifting Top: YesOverall Product Weight: 8.5lb.

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The bolder look you desire v the Vinyl Plank. The incredibly realistic visual offers off the appearance of herbal wood with an untreated, reclaimed feel. It features heavy overcome sawn markings and also a daring shade palette that will certainly command attention. Component of a luxury collection, it has a top-of-the-line waterproof design and also exceptional durability that will store it looking wonderful for decades. Let your pets and also children roam totally free with the sturdy surface end up that prevents scratches and also scuffs and the enclosed pad to suppress noise. For those wanting a more vintage, rustic style in their homes, this flooring has exactly what you need.

Water power Level: WaterproofWear great (In mils): 30Installation Type: Click-Lock; adhesive downScratch Resistant: YesCompatible Subfloor Types: Concrete; Tile; Vinyl; Plywood; Hardwood