A hub is a networking maker that associate network components and also is offered to filter and also forward data to mentioned destinations ~ above the network.

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In a client/server network, a network server provides every connected client with an address so it can be uncovered by rather on the network.


A computer system network is composed of at the very least three computers.


Central big mainframe computer has mostly replaced client/server computing


Circuit switching provides much much more efficient usage of the communications capacity the a network than does packet switching


Two computers using TCP/IP can communicate even if they are based upon different hardware and also software platforms.


Over 80% that U.S. Net users access the net via mobile devices.


Coaxial cable is comparable to that supplied for cable television and consists of more thick insulated copper wire.


Fiber-optic cable is more expensive and also harder come install than wire media


The variety of cycles per second that can be sent out through any kind of telecommunications tool is measure up in kilobytes


The Domain Name device (DNS) switch IP addresses come domain names.


VoIP modern technology delivers voice details in digital form using packet switching.


Web 3.0 is an initiative to include a class of definition to the existing internet in order to mitigate the quantity of human being involvement in browsing for and processing web information


In a big company today, you will often uncover an framework that consists of hundreds of little LANs attached to each other and also to corporate-wide networks.


TCP/IP was arisen in the 1960s to permit university scientists to find other computers on the Internet


Mobile search makes up 20% of all net searches.


RFID modern technology is being slowly replaced by less costly innovations such as WSNs.


The internet is based on which three crucial technologies?

client/server computing, packet switching, and also the advancement of communications standards because that linking networks and also computers

The technique of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different interaction paths, and reassembling castle at their destinations is called

packet switching

The an equipment that acts together a connection suggest between computers and also can filter and also forward data to a specified destination is dubbed a(n)


The telephone mechanism is an instance of a ________ network.


Which of the following is no a properties of packet switching?

Packet switching calls for point-to-point circuits.

In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for

disassembling and reassembling the packets throughout transmission.

In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol is

a standard set of rules and procedures for control of interactions in a network.

What are the 4 layers of the TCP/IP recommendation model?

application, transport, Internet, and also network interface

Which signal species are represented by a constant waveform?


To use the analog telephone device for sending digital data, friend must likewise use

a modem.

Which type of network is offered to connect digital tools within a half-mile or 500-meter radius?


Which form of network treats all processors equally, and enables peripheral devices to be mutual without going come a different server?


Which kind of network would be most suitable for a organization that made up three employees and a manager located in the same office space, whose major need is come share documents?

Peer-to-peer network

WSNs space designed for

monitoring the physics environment

All that the adhering to are physical contents of one RFID mechanism except

bar code.

A network the spans a city, and also sometimes its major suburbs as well, is dubbed a


A network that covers whole geographical regions is most commonly referred to together a(n)

wide area network

The principle of a future web in which that is commonplace for day-to-day objects to it is in connected, regulated or monitored end the net is called

the web of things.

Bandwidth is the

difference between the highest and also lowest frequencies that have the right to be accommodated top top a single channel.

The total amount the digital details that deserve to be transmitted through any type of telecommunications tool is measured in


Digital subscriber lines

operate end existing telephone currently to carry voice, data, and video.

T1 lines

are high-speed, leased data lines giving guaranteed service levels.

Which protocol is the net based on?


What service converts IP addresses into much more recognizable alphanumeric names?


The boy domain that the root is the

top-level domain.

Which organization helps specify the in its entirety structure that the Internet?


Which that the adhering to services allows logging on to one computer system and working on another?


Instant message is a type of ________ service.


Which the the following statements about RFID is no true?

RFIDs call for line-of-sight call to be read.

________ integrate(s) disparate networks for voice communications, data communications, instant messaging, e-mail, and electronic conferencing right into a single experience.

Unified communications


is an encrypted private network configured within a public network.

Web browser software requests internet pages from the internet using which protocol?


Together, a protocol prefix, a domain name, a catalog path, and also a document name, are referred to as a(n)

uniform source locator.

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Web sites that permit users to share information, collaborate, and create new services and also content are referred to as ________ sites.

Web 2.0, 2nd generation

Making web an ext "intelligent" and also intuitive, increased cloud computing & mobile computing