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"Wake Me up Inside" and "Can"t wake up Up" space lyrics native the 2003 different rock track "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence, i beg your pardon are linked with images of a calm-looking topic juxtaposed alongside a snapshot of the same subject appearing distressed.

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On April 22nd, 2003, the song "Bring Me to Life" through Evanescence was released.

On might 13th, 2013, Tumblr user maohshounen posted and also edited variation of a skeleton rocking chair<1> (shown below, left) with a red filter and also glowing eyes with the description "ah yes mine throne" (shown below, right). The earliest instance of the association between the image and also the Evanescence text was posted to 4chan"s /v/ (video games) board on February 11th, 2014<5>.



On February 27th, 2014, an cotton 4chan user posted a cropped screenshot of the skeleton photos with the filenames "WAKE ME increase INSIDE.PNG" and "(CAN"T wake UP).PNG".


On December 19th, Tumblr user aoimine emphasize the images.<6> On march 2nd, 2015, a photo of a WWE skilled wrestler Dean Ambrose juxtaposed alongside a flipped and also cropped version of the photo with the inscription "WAKE ME up INSIDE" / "(CAN"T wake up UP)" was posted come the imageboard 420chan.

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