This previous week was a complicated one for numerous Americans. ~ the election results, movies and TV became much-needed distractions indigenous fear, anger, and despair. Yet those hoping to return to normalcy through The go Dead may have actually been placed off through Sunday night’s 85-minute-long episode: Negan bullies his way into Alexandria earlier than expected, takes an ext than he originally promised, terrorizes 2 of the women, and also leaves the ar with nothing however a mix the fear, anger, and despair.

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Did the episode have to be extended? probably not. (I didn’t completely register the fact we had a chunk of added time this week.) however it demonstrated whereby each member that the once-thriving Ricktatorship currently stands in the age of Negan.

Michonne: The professional samurai doesn’t it seems to be ~ to identify Rick anymore, as her stare upon waking in the morning is complete of doubt and unease. She doesn’t call him when she sneaks turn off to sit clock in a straw ar with a rifle she keeps hidden in the fireplace, but he sees her anyway as she walks the end of the house. Alone, she sit atop the roof that an exit car and also waits, scouting for something that may never come. As soon as something ultimately does arrive, it’s a walker. She confidence is shaken. She can’t seem to hit the creature even — ~ firing close to 10 rounds — and is compelled to dispose of it with her sword. Leaving the dead behind as a marker, she wanders right into the woods and spies a dead deer, i m sorry is never ever a great sign — Carl to be shot in season 2 after ~ encountering a deer, and also the pet was again spotted in that fateful season 4 illustration (“Grove”) v Lizzie and also Mika. It might be viewed as hope, and also Negan has killed theirs.

Eugene: together he speak Rosita and also Spencer once they desire to leaving Alexandria and go scavenging for Negan, he’s “dealing through uncertainties.” He’s fiddling through a radio of some kind, hope he deserve to offer the Saviors other they desire or need and also live come fend for themselves one more day.

Rosita: Still angry over the fatality of Abraham, she’s currently p—ed. Once Negan come at Alexandria, that does for this reason days before his deadline and also brings with him trucks and also vans complete of his dogs. He often says or does points that distort or warp something commonly warm and also pleasant, frequently doing so in a sing-song rhythm. Here, he’s banging Lucille versus the gate and shouting, “Little pig, little pig. Allow me in.” as soon as they check out Daryl among Negan’s, rick tries to approach him, however their leader advises Rick to not even make eye contact with him. Staring down Rosita, she additionally complies, leaving Negan come giggle that they almost had a situation. Rosita is again bullied by Dwight, when he jobs her and also Spencer with retrieving Daryl’s motorcycle. That remembers that from your stand-off at the train tracks and also knows she knows where it is. Prior to he allows them leave, the takes your guns and also empties their water bottle, taunting them not to take also long.

Daryl: The archer is broken. As we observed last week, he’s to be physically and also mentally torture in the Sanctuary in hopes of cultivating him right into Negan’s greater chain of command. The feels an excellent guilt for his plot that brought about the death of Glenn, yet there was a slither the hope as soon as he said Dwight he can’t provide in due to the fact that of who he loves. Also now as he stands silent and also bruised among the Saviors, help them lug ammunition from the Alexandrian armory to your vans, us remember that. ~ Rosita and Spencer return v his bike, Dwight provides it come Daryl, saying he just needs to say words (i.e. Negan), but he remains silent. I’m hoping he’s not fully down for the count, that probably he’s playing along and also waiting for the right opportunity.

Father Gabriel: This guy is single-handedly do the efforts to store hope lively in Alexandria. The fearlessly viewpoints Negan, who’s comically spooked when he sees who “creepy as sh-t for sneaking up on” him. Negan had mentioned “the noble girl” (meaning Maggie). Putting two and also two together, he established she’s Glenn’s widow and was hoping to ask she to come ago to the Sanctuary v him and also become one of his brides. He remarks exactly how he loves widows simply after their husbands die: “They’re empty inside…but not for long.” That’s as soon as Gabriel walks into the picture and executes a ruse: when no one to be looking, the dug an north grave and also made that seem as though Maggie had actually died, given that Negan quiet misconstrued her pregnancy symptoms. Later, once he’s helping stack look because that the lacking guns in your inventory, that again guarantees they’ll uncover them and no one will need to die today.



Rick: rick is a difficult one to fully crack. He’s plainly terrified of Negan and verbally diffusion the dogma throughout the community, yet there are indications of crazed, feral stack still in there. As another power move, Negan pressures him to host Lucille throughout his entire visit. After he finds the camcorder with footage the Rick’s first Alexandria — after the prods Rick through the picture of claiming Maggie for his bride — his fixed on the bat tightens, together if he’s all set to unleash the dragon. He also gives Negan some lip in the armory as soon as asked if he’s cooperating: “What’s the look like?” and also just before he provides Lucille earlier to Negan, there’s another moment as soon as he might enable his fury to take over. But he keeps suppressing it.

When Negan intimidates to death Olivia over the two missing guns from the inventory, rick frantically scrambles to locate them, tearing into Spencer’s home and eventually finding them in a heater vent in the floor — together with some various other bits and also bobs he later chastises Spencer because that keeping. Once he watch Michonne hiding v her deer bounty turn off to the side, he very first begs Negan to offer him a minute and also then begs Michonne come relinquish she rifle. That felt personally responsible for these people prior to Negan, but after the deaths that Glenn and Abraham and also the near-maiming the his son, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else.

Spencer: Rick’s rage is again i stopped by Spencer, that blames Rick because that leading the people of Alexandria right into this fascist regime. “This is our life now. This is whereby Rick acquired us,” he speak Rosita after ~ driving come the railroad tracks to fetch Daryl’s bike. Rosita refuses to believe this will certainly be their lives from now on and goes off right into the woods to kill walkers in the really hopes of finding much more guns they deserve to bring back to protect themselves. Spencer make the efforts shaming her for it, but when lock return and learn Rick uncovered the an enig stash of firearms in his house, that admits to Rosita he took them due to the fact that he didn’t trust Rick. Spencer confronts him v his frustration, saying how he led them every to this “promised land.” but when he bring up the memory of Glenn and also Abraham, Rick intimidates to rest his jaw and rip out his teeth have to he ever say anything of the type again.

Aaron: The once-hopeful beacon the Alexandria remains pretty lot in the background, but his boyfriend, Eric, was standing up throughout Rick’s town hall and also asks just how they’re every gonna obtain out that this. If Rick’s prize isn’t confident at all, the question suggests the very same feelings that doubt, suspicion, and also rage from dispersing from Spencer throughout the community.

Sasha, Tara, Maggie: none of these women are existing during the raid of Alexandria. Maggie wanted to be alone in the wilderness to deal with the death of Glenn and also Sasha vowed to continue to be with her, but where’s Tara?

With the scene between Negan and also Rick in the armory, your similarities came right into focus. ~ above a physics level, they’re both rocking that grey scruff, yet the Ricktator was much much more similar to the means Negan is now, i beg your pardon is probably why he’s bring away a liking to him. Together he remarked after see the camcorder, “I wouldn’t want to mess through that guy.” the gets off on overcoming someone with comparable strength and also channeling it together his own, and also that’s what’s taken place — stack is now the sort of guy who begs permission to enable Daryl to remain in Alexandria, and also even Daryl is now the man who continues to be silent, one obedient prisoner, prior to going earlier to the Sanctuary.

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It looks choose their survival might lie through the ladies this season. Michonne confronts Rick together he’s making their sleeping arrangements on the floor and also tries to obtain him to view the tragedy of your lives. Though she resolves to shot and accept things, she later on returns come the straw ar where she complies with a trace of smoke uncover their mattresses — Negan didn’t take it them, he burned them. Rosita, too, is ready to fight and proves there’s tho hope because that them yet. But first, she demands Eugene to make her a bullet from Negan’s stray casing.

One critical thing prior to we leaving you: This is the very first episode because season 2 that’s addressed the parentage of baby Judith. It appeared like one of those tiny tragedies that would linger in the backdrop for the entirety of the show, however Rick is really much persuaded Judith is Shane’s child: “I know Judith isn’t mine. I recognize it. Ns love her, she’s mine daughter, yet she isn’t mine. I had to accept that. I did so I can keep she alive.”