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Game Mechanics - The combat for the game itself is very simple you will mostly rely on multiple
combos followed with a few
s thrown in for mix ups. The uses your musou attack and uses a small portion of your musou bar for a slightly less powerful attack. Pressing
on the D pad summons your horse which is very helpful for clearing levels quicker. Combat is you vs a small army of soldiers and a few officers. Your goal for each level is to head to the flashing green area on the map, usually kill or clear enemies and then wait for dialogue. AVOID having your health bar drop to zero at all costs. Dying in story mode gives you a game over and kicks you back to the main menu which not only kills your time but resets you to your last save (usually before the level starts). simply switching to another character (
) is a great way to stay alive until you come across health items. Leveling up also restores health and musou! Leveling is fairly simple, reach the experience required by killing units and officers and receive a level which increases stats. After reaching level 100 you are then rewarded with 2 more item slots which help significantly in story and in gauntlet mode. But are unfortunately not usable in duel mode. When you "Promote" a character you basically Prestige them, re up then aka start over with the option to level up again. Doing so unlocks a second proficiency which can make your character much stronger, faster, do more musou damage. It all depends on the type unlocked. The base stats for the character also increase so which each successful promote you get stronger. You also get growth stones for each level up post promote. Save these stones for when you finally decide to stop promoting your characters and distribute the stones to musou and speed and then wherever you feel you need them. All stats are important!For most of the game we will be preparing for the end grind that is gauntlet mode. This mode should be tackled absolute last to optimize time correctly. The characters you will be leveling will be Ayane and Xu Shu as they are the absolute best and easiest to use in all situations (looking at you Ma Chao) Your goal is to pump as many promotions into these two characters as you can before gauntlet mode. The stronger they are the easier your Gauntlet run will be. As far as general tips go switch characters when your health is low to avoid a game over and stay moving. Blocking is a viable option to negate massive damage but using Ayane and Xu Shu you"ll be able to kill them dead before they even have time to react. Musou attacks also as best used when an enemy is blocking. Simply walk behind him and make sure you are facing his back and he should die. With Ayane you can just be in the general area of his back.With Ayane you will be using to damage most mobs and with Xu Shu . Use the manual save option often! The game usually only saves post mission clear so any changes after that will not be saved unless you clear another mission or manual save!.While progressing story be on the look out for Windslay, Firebolt, Agression, Courage, Osmosis, Destruction, Agility and Alacrity. Each of these abilities will making clearing gauntlet mode very easy and are absolutely essential to farming Hundan for mystic weapons. Make sure to add them to a weapon for Ayane so when you get to gauntlet mode you can begin your level clears right away.

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The way you add weapons is by going to the blacksmith in story or gauntlet mode, talking to him and then infusing the desired weapon or orb that has these traits into your main weapon.
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