What happens To Thanos at The finish of Avengers: Infinity War?

automatically after the snap, Thanos is transported come a strange, ethereal realm bathed in orange. The just structure right here is an upsidedown-world variation of the gazebo whereby he an initial met Gamora, and sat over there is what appears to it is in his younger daughter. They have actually a brief, mute exchange wherein Thanos begins to understand his victory, return the conviction that previously defined him feeling absent:

Gamora: walk you execute it?

Thanos: Yes.

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Gamora: What did the cost?

Thanos: Everything.

It"s no explicitly proclaimed in the movie, however this would appear to be soul World; in the comics, a dimension inside the Soul rock where the souls "captured" by it reside. Given the orange landscape and also presence the the daughter that sacrificed to capture that really Stone, it would fit as a movie approximation, v Thanos going over there after the snap come reunite with his shed child. Even if it is this is simply intended as a window into his very own soul, highlighting just how much of self he"s lost, or setting it up as a key location in Avengers 4 (possibly where Gamora is trapped), is unclear.


Thanos" win leaves many questions, consisting of the status of the Infinity Gauntlet. After the snap, the golden glove is cracked and also cindered, although together Thanos is may be to use the space Stone to escape the evidently still functions and allows him to wield their near-uncontrollable power. This further presumably means that, in ~ the really end the the film, he has actually the Stones in his possession, or in ~ the an extremely least knows where they every are. The reality he"s recovered native Thor"s Stormbreaker strike indeed shows he"s used on to cure himself. He"s going to require them, as but the Avengers expect to cancel his wrath, at least some the them will certainly be important.

Thanos is relatable. That may be the many shocking component of Avengers: Infinity War. He"s not quite Killmonger, that was in many ways appropriate in Black Panther (albeit warped), but throughout the citing that his motivations and also the conflict he must go through to win, you begin to empathize through the foolish Titan. The Russos have long stated that Thanos to be the protagonist the Infinity War, and also that"s very true; come the allude he"s the character who return is promised in ~ the very end that the credits. While the movie does focus on the heroes" problem of duty and also friendship - specifically in relation to the security of their two Stones, with Steve Rogers and also Doctor weird both compelled to deal with they accused unshakable beliefs - many of the thematic floor is in Thanos.

As currently discussed, the sacrifices created the Infinity Stones room not come the Avengers, yet to him. His score is massive, and the toll greater; he must undo his previous in destroying Xandar and Loki, shed what"s close come him v Gamora, attend to his foes for the Time stone and actually attend to what his true objective is v the mind Stone. Each one is a pointed step in deconstructing Thanos (presumably why the Power rock is skipped end - the repeats what we obtain with the space Stone) and making him concern his mission - v the conclusion that it is truly worth it.

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But to be it? The final Gamora scene is tinged not through victory but regret. Thanos himself states he will be in ~ peace when he snaps, and also he ends with a trademark grin, but the movie point out otherwise. Has actually he offered too much of self for his goal? Is the tranquility at the end a reward or broken? and was victory really the point? There are flaws in his pass out logic, as raised by the world of Titan - killing fifty percent the populace doesn"t directly lead to peace - and the finishing makes clear it was the journey that drove him. ~ victory, there"s i do not have anything to go.