as of may 28, 2013, Origin has introduced "Origin Points", which purportedly helps monitor your accomplishments in some of EA"s games on PC.

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From EA"s aid center:

Origin Points help you track your success and measure your development while playing few of our sirhenryjones-museums.orgs <...>.

You acquire these points naturally while playing your game and getting achievements, but is there any allude to these points? have the right to you invest them on things, or space they just for pride and also banter?


The only real answer seems to be, the nobody in reality knows. Ns have accumulated points that I have no idea what to carry out with. I have actually trolled forums and so on to discover out, yet to no avail. Appears we will need to wait for beginning to tell us what they space for, and how to spenduse them. In the meanwhile, continue to stack them up.





Since EA has introduced the Origin Points in the beta there has actually been no indigenous on what beginning Points are for. Ns distinctly remember reading that EA has "big plan for achievements and beginning Points" yet as of however it hasn"t released any information in ~ all.

It"s in reality a useless type of measure up your progress in the game. Girlfriend can"t usage them come buy anything favor DLCs and games.


PC gamers who set up Battlefield 3, Mass result 3, and also Dead space 3 via Origin can view your Origin point total and also the in-game accomplishments they’ve earned by clicking the accomplishments icon in beginning In game (Shift+F1 while in the game), through viewing their “mini profile” (where your username and also avatar space displayed), by city hall the accomplishments module on the game information page, or through viewing your profile. (Please note: only gamers playing Battlefield 3, Mass result 3, and Dead room 3 will see their origin Points or be able to view the achievements module).

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Honestly ns think the point out are just a way of provocation. It doesn"t really average much.

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