Have you ever looked at footwear sizes and also thought, what does shoes width letters mean? You can know that you stay a 7D, however what does that D was standing for?

Shoe broad letters selection from AAA to EEE, v each letter representing a measurement. The sounds straightforward enough, yet it’s not as straightforward together you might think.

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To aid you decipher this shoe alphabet and also find appropriately fitted shoes, we’ll walk you through each letter.

Featured in What walk Letters average in shoe Size:

What the various letters represent. Size and width charts. Shoes width letters explained. Difference in between men’s and women’s widths. Exactly how to measure up the broad of your foot.

What Does shoes Width letter Mean?

This unique footwear password is over there to overview you come a better fitting shoe. However, what the letters typical varies between men and also women—as well as boys and also girls.

Before us get affiliated with measurements, let’s take it a look at what the letters represent:

For Men

A: Extra narrow. B: C: D: E or EE: EEE or EEEE: Extra wide.

For Women

AAA: Super slim. A or AA: B: C: D: EE: Extra wide.

For Children

B: D: E: Extra-Wide.

Shoe Width letters Explained

Now the we understand what every letter represents, stop look at each of them in an ext detail:

A/AA/AAA Width

As you can see native the ar above, A sizes are an ext common in women’s shoes. This is because it generally represents narrow or Extra small widths.

The more A’s present, the narrower the width. you may find them denoted through the following:

2A (AA). 3A (AAA). 4A (AAAA).

Furthermore, women’s pair of shoes are frequently referred to as Slim and also Super Slim, which means the very same as Narrow and Extra Narrow.

B Width

B width is the most common letter in women’s sizes as it’s considered a Medium, regular or standard width.

However, for men, B is understood a small width and in kid’s footwear, it’s classed as average.

D Width

D is the most usual letter in men’s sizes together this is related to as Medium, normal or Standard.

However, D is considered vast for women and children.

E/EE/EEE Width

EE and also EEE space the width references most frequently used in this category. These represent the widest shoes, an interpretation with every E present the width increases. comparable to A widths, you will do it come across E’s stood for in an alternate format:

2E (EE). 3E (EEE). 4E (EEEE).

For men, 2E sizes room considered vast and 3E or 4E, Extra Wide. for women, ~ above the various other hand, 2E is related to as one Extra large size.

There space shoes available in size as big as 10E; however, these are typically used in diabetic shoes.

If she a frequent walker or hiker, we’ve the review the best go shoes for large feet.

Shoe width Charts

We’ve placed together the following charts to aid you uncover the fit for you.

For Men

US shoes Size Narrow C Medium D Wide E
6 3 5/16” 3 ½” 3 11/16”
6.5 3 5/16” 3 ⅝” 3 ¾”
7 3 ⅜” 3 ⅝” 3 ¾”
7.5 3 ⅜” 3 11/16” 3 15/16”
8 3 ½” 3 ¾” 3 15/16”
8.5 3 ⅝” 3 ¾” 4”
9 3 ⅝” 3 15/16” 4 ⅛”
9.5 3 11/16” 3 15/16” 4 ⅛”
10 3 ¾” 4” 4 3/16”
10.5 3 ¾” 4 ⅛” 4 5/16”
11 3 15/16” 4 ⅛” 4 5/16”
11.5 3 15/16” 4 3/16” 4 ⅜”
12 4” 4 5/16” 4 ⅜”
12.5 4 ⅛” 4 5/16” 4 ½”
13 4 ⅛” 4 5/16” 4 ⅝”
13.5 4 3/16” 4 ⅜” 4 ¾”

For Women

US shoes Size Narrow AA Medium B Wide D
5 2 13/16” 3 3/16” 3 9/1”
5.5 2 ⅞” 3 ¼” 3 ⅝”
6 2 15/16” 3 5/16” 3 11/16”
6.5 3” 3 ⅜” 3 ¾”
7 3 1/16” 3 7/16” 3 13/16”
7.5 3 ⅛” 3 ½” 3 ⅞”
8 3 3/16” 3 9/16” 3 15/16”
8.5 3 ¼” 3 ⅝” 4”
9 3 ⅜” 3 11/16” 4 1/16”
9.5 3 ⅜” 3 ¾” 4 ⅛”
10 3 7/16” 3 ¾” 4 3/16”
10.5 3 ½” 3 ⅞” 4 ¼”
11 3 9/16” 3 15/16” 4 5/16”
12 3 11/16” 4 1/16” 4 7/16”

For Children

US shoe Size Average B Wide D Extra-Wide E
1Y 33/16” 35/8” 33/16”
2Y 35/16” 33/4” 315/16”
3Y 37/16” 37/8” 41/16”
4Y 39/16” 4” 43/16”
5Y 311/16” 41/8” 45/16”
6Y 33/16” 41/4” 47/16”

What go D average in shoes Size?

D in shoes size, for men, means you have an average-sized foot, however a broad foot because that women. Brands the don’t style different widths will usually use D as a typical for men’s footwear.

What does C/D typical in shoes Size?

C/D in shoes size method it’s a mix of two widths. The round of the foot is one size (in this case, D) while the heel is another (in this case, C). Combinations choose this are likewise found as E/C, D/B, C/A and more.

Difference in between Men’s and also Women’s Widths

Men, in general, have more comprehensive feet contrasted to women. This is why charts are based on gender.

A is normally only supplied in women’s sizes, vice versa, EEE and over are predominantly discovered in men’s widths. However, plenty of brands are an altering this come accommodate ladies with more comprehensive feet.

As we questioned at the beginning of the article, a D is classed as tool for males but vast for women.

Why the broad Is Important

Choosing the best width for your feet is as important as picking the appropriate length. Shoes that room too broad or also narrow have the right to be uncomfortable and even challenging to go in correctly.

Too small Shoes

Shoes that room too small for your feet can reason blisters, sores, cramps and bunions. her toes can be crossing together you’re walking; this can reason ingrown toenails as well as pain.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the shoes room tighter, sweating increases. If you have open sores or blisters, they can easily acquire infected in shoes that room too small. The sores will most likely be rubbing against the sides of the shoes, giving VIP access for bacteria and also fungus.

Shoes room Too Wide

Shoes that room too vast will reason friction as you walk, causing blisters and also sores. Blisters occur as result of shearing pressure as the shoe slides up and also down your foot together you’re walking. Blood blisters underneath the toenails are additionally possible. This happens when the shoe flexes upward and also catches the nail, lifting it turn off of the pond bed.

Additionally, the shoes i will not ~ secure her feet properly, i beg your pardon can reason you come walk differently. As your toes will certainly be struggling to keep the pair of shoes on, it have the right to lead come cramps and also pain.

If you need more tips and tricks, we’ve found 8 means to make your huge shoes fit.

What Is the mean Width?

The average shoe broad for females is B and for men, it’s D However, standard-sized pair of shoes aren’t usually marked with the equivalent letters to show this. Brands only designate shoes a letter if they think about the broad is out of the “average” range.


If a shoe doesn’t display lettering, it’s most likely to it is in a standard width. Friend should have the ability to find the shoe dimensions on package or within the shoes on the label.

In shoe varieties where a correct fit is crucial, such together running shoes, you’re most likely to uncover a selection of widths available.

Does shoes Width boost With shoes Size?

As a rule, the larger a foot is, the wider it has tendency to be—although this isn’t the case for everyone.

Shoe length and width room proportional to standard sizing, which means, larger shoes run more comprehensive and smaller shoes run narrower.

This can create minor concerns for human being with long, small feet or short, wider feet. However, girlfriend should have the ability to find a fitting broad to suit your feet giving the wide variety of options available.

Here’s a helpful video clip that illustrates exactly how the width of shoes can differ.

How to measure up Shoe Width?

Here’s just how to measure the width of your foot:

remove shoes and also socks. Place your foot under on a item of paper on a level surface. Usage a pen to draw an summary of her foot—as close to the foot as you can. use a tape measure to measure up the widest part of her foot.

Can Foot Width adjust Overtime?

The broad of her feet can readjust at any type of given point. it depends greatly on your as whole health—such as if you obtain weight or retain excess water, your feet may widen.

Other conditions, such as diabetes or pregnancy, can also affect the width of her feet.

With some health and wellness conditions, such together diabetes or being overweight, friend can help to decrease your feet width. together you lose weight or eliminate your insulin resistance, your feet should reduce in size.

Do every Shoe brand Come in Width?

It’s greatly US brand that offer shoes in different widths. In Europe, footwear is available in conventional widths. These are frequently B for women’s shoes and D because that men’s shoes.

Popular brand that market a wide an option of widths incorporate Clarks, Munro and brand-new Balance.

Learning the ABC’s

As we’ve seen, the size of the shoes is only fifty percent the story. Most united state brands architecture their pair of shoes to right a selection of widths, depending on the dimension of the shoe.

Purchasing pair of shoes according to her correct width and also length will ensure you get the best feasible fit. This is particularly far-ranging when purchasing to run or training shoes.

So, what does shoes width letter mean? each letter suggests a certain width, varying from A come E—A gift the many narrow and also E gift the widest.

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We expect you’ve uncovered this post informative, feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you have any kind of questions.