Before I deal with my key question today, I must ask myself why this question has actually been so delayed. Why has actually it bring away me so lengthy to figure out why Buzzfeed video has different channels labeled by colors? In the past, ns tried to draw patterns from the titles on the argued Videos column. But, to my dismay, ns couldn’t discover a satisfactory device of categorization, and ns wasn’t motivated enough to look it up. 

Today, this concern resurfaced indigenous the recesses of mine mind, so below are part quick answers for you: 

According to a Quora user, videographers are split into three teams/colors and generate ideas at weekly meetings. Each person intends to make 2 videos a week.


“BuzzFeedYellow” (Began in April 2013- oldest sibling) 

 According to the “About” ar of that Youtube page, that is just put as, “More fun, inspiring, exciting videos native the BuzzFeed crew. Brand-new videos posted daily!” 

Words that others have described it: Hilarious, Interesting, Social/Political Issues

Series encompass “But I’m Not…”, “Keith Investigates…”, “Weird Couples”, and “Ladylike”. Every one of these interesting series can be found in organized playlists! 


“BuzzFeed Blue” (Began in might 2014- center Child) 

This quirky channel enthusiasticallly shares “bite-size expertise for a large world” through “new facts, hacks, and how-to videos”. Like Buzzfeed Yellow, brand-new videos space posted daily. 

Words to explain it: Informative, Science/Techy, Educate, Spark

Series incorporate “Awesome Science”, “Regular People try Sports” (hmm…), “For the very first Time”, and “Must try Recipes”. 


“BuzzFeed Violet” (Began in June 2014-Baby) 

Violet has a tiny bit an ext of an intricate self-bio top top Youtube, boasting “short, relatable videos that are completely you” that space “the good kind the awkward”. Videos are posted every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!

Words to describe it: No depth meaning, basic comedy, Personal, Friendly

The main difference between Buzzfeed Yellow and Buzzfeed Violet is in your organization. This subchannel is arranged by the featured Buzzfeed employee member. Collection include “Ashly”, “Sara”, “Quinta”, and also “Freddy”.

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(If this are simply random names come you, climate you recognize that girlfriend aren’t truly a Buzzfeed fan.)

So there you have it! I expect that ns wasn’t the only one asking this question, and also that you currently have a tiny bit much more knowledge about Buzzfeed. Let me recognize if I’ve missed any other colors! 

Also, don’t ask me to describe the photo search outcomes of “Buzzfeed colors”. Photos of the _color/color_ dress brings back memories of terrible arguments and disagreements.