Drying Corn in ~ Laguna, brand-new Mexico, circa 1916, courtesy Yearbook of the United states Department of agriculture 1918

All asylums operated in ~ budgets, and also most had actually to make challenging choices about which services and also personnel to carry out and which to skimp top top or delete. One reason (among several) that beforehand asylums used patient labor was since it saved money that might then be supplied elsewhere. Asylum gardens to be extremely essential to part institutions; they regularly subsidized food assignment which would certainly have often been inadequate. Dr. Harvey Black, superintendent the Southwestern maniac Asylum, want three things for his asylum: an excellent food, comfortable clothing, and enough ward attendants. His facility and also many others, raised corn, potatoes, and a variety of vegetables; some organizations were maybe to have tendency fruit orchards together well.

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Patients at the Canton Asylum because that Insane Indians helped raise these very same items, yet wintertime gift a problem for them as it did for the general population. Potatoes, corn, and also other starchy vegetables were easy enough to store, yet fresh greens and fruits would have disappeared for the winter. Part dried fruit may have actually been available, but records execute not it seems ~ to suggest much task in the way of canning or dry at the asylum. A diet of meat and primarily starchy vegetables might have led to numerous different health issues, and patients at the Canton Asylum seem come have had a leaning toward sugar addiction. One inspector composed in 1916: “The just suggestion that I would certainly make, with referral to the ration allowance, is the the supply of street be increased. The patients, for part reason, consume more sugar than normal civilization . . . I have observed this abnormal craving because that sugar by patients in other asylums.”

Sugar cravings can indicate thyroid problems, yeast infections,adrenal overload, depression, and a range of other conditions.The inspector’s comments show that something physics was probably going on with the patients at Canton Asylum in enhancement to any mental problems they may have had.


Women's Sewing Room in ~ Maryland Hospital because that the Insane, 1910s, courtesy feather Grove Hospital Center


Men's commercial Shop in ~ Maryland Hospital for the Insane, circa 1900, courtesy feather Grove Hospital Center

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