The an option of communication channels must to the right one thing over all: her company. We market you the selection and integration of various applications because that your an individual solution that Voice interaction or Unified interactions & teamwork (UCC). Through intelligent telephone systems, computer telephony integration (CTI), existence management and also instant messaging, you have the right to make interaction in your company more effective. Castle optimize the workflow of your employees through minimizing errors, facilitating recurring tasks and simplifying teamwork within the team and across company boundaries with organization partners - even if it is via conference call, cloud-based telephony or video conferencing. As an the system house with many years of experience, we support you in integrating and also operating the right interactions solution. 

Networked interaction - your advantages at a glance

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Your communication channels centrally arranged - for maximum efficiency

With UC solutions, you benefit from a platform for the central organization the all communication channels, finish devices, voice networks and IT procedures in her company. All-IP sets brand-new standards in IP an innovation and renders your communications an ext flexible and efficient by simplifying installation, operation and maintenance.

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Communicate the method that suits you with AG!

Modern service communication requires a selection of networks such together mail traffic, cloud telephony, voice-over-IP telephony (VoIP) or video clip conferencing. Yet despite plenty of tools, the is often difficult to organize interaction with employees, customers and also partners across different places in one optimal way. Unified communication (UC) integrates every one of a company"s communication channels into a single platform. Her data and voice networks, end devices, interaction channels, and also IT and procedure applications are merged into a holistic interaction environment and offered to the user on an easy-to-use interface. Merged Communication allows you to increase the availability of interaction participants and thus accelerates your business processes. 

Our UC solutions and modules in ~ a glance:

ITK Voice Solution: Telephony indigenous the Cloud - scalable, flexible, reliable

With the ITK Voice systems from ITK Communications, we have our very own high-performance cloud telephony solution, which us offer providers as a complete telephone service. Together an all-in-one solution, it contains the complying with components and services:

The PBX including all necessary end devices and also connections CTI, database integration as well as audio and video clip conferencing mobile integration and contact center (also via WebRTC) company intelligence, monitoring and also telephony analysis from the cloud

ITK Voice solution is the customized telephony equipment for your company: Location-independent and also flexibly scalable, us ensure that your telephony constantly suits you. Thanks to basic migration, present telephone systems can additionally be combination with products from the cloud. In this way, us ensure cross-company communication based on existing equipment and an innovation from the cloud.

Estos ProCall companies

Estos ProCall companies is a unified interactions solution with CTI, existence management, instant messaging and also audio/video interaction to improve teamwork in companies. The platform allows you come optimize communication past previous agency boundaries - for instance with customers, suppliers and business partners. ProCall is optimized because that perfect interaction with present ICT infrastructure, such together telephone systems, groupware platforms prefer Lotus Notes, CRM and also ERP solution (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV), professional applications, home windows Terminal and also Citrix servers, and also virtual server technologies.

Ferrari OfficeMaster Suite

The OfficeMaster Suite connect the fax, SMS and voicemail networks with her e-mail system. The user data of these otherwise asynchronous services is unified throughout storage and also configuration. In addition, the use of the currently existing infrastructure ensures administrative accessibility via already known channels. Through OfficeMaster you connect your communication networks to a real unified interactions solution. AG is your experienced for UC solutions

Are friend interested in among our products or execute you want to get much more information around UC solutions? inquiry your personal and non-binding consultation here - with each other we will find out which communication platform fits your company. Thanks to our countless years of experience on the global IT market, we have the know-how come select, implement and operate a suitable UC systems for her company. Make communication with employees, customers and partners much more effective and also benefit from the advantages offered through the individual communication platforms.

Do you not just want to connect easily, but likewise collaborate ~ above documents and files through employees and customers via this platform? through our business collaboration solutions, we market you holistic UCC services (Unified Communicaton & Collaboration) that make cooperation work also easier. For much more info top top this topic, click here.

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Looking for much more customized solutions for your business? We"ll it is in happy to assistance you in optimizing your IT infrastructure - from selection to implementation and also configuration. Take it a look in ~ our all IP data facility solution.


Ready because that the rectal of the future through and also All-IP

The switch-off the ISDN has actually been decided - All-IP is the traditional of the future. Through Telekom"s switch to All-IP, conventional transmission modern technologies in telecommunications networks, such together PMX connections, space being replaced by the internet Protocol (IP). Rather of classic line switching, services such together telephony, cell phone communications, and also television are therefore run uniformly via network protocols in computer system networks - and also can be accessed flexibly, because that example, in the kind of web telephony or Voice end IP (VoIP). V the assist of SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol), you even have the choice of continuing to usage your present ISDN system after the All-IP switchover, hence saving costs.

If friend have currently received an alert to terminate your ISDN line, there is no have to panic: A switch to All-IP provides a lot of potential, opportunities and also benefits. As the core element of the network the the future, IP technology makes your interactions easier and more flexible through making lock independent that time, ar and machine - allowing your employee to communicate more efficiently through colleagues about the world. Because that example, All-Ip substantially reduces installation, operation and also maintenance prices when merger voice and data networks on an IP basis. Basic processes allow you come adapt conveniently to market developments, ensuring the long-term marketability and business success of your company.

All-IP link - your benefits in ~ a glance:

High flexibility great scalability an easy self-administration Modular product concepts Remote use (VoIP telephony via SIP trunk) Convergence that fixed and mobile networks finest voice quality with HD Voice straightforward integration of new applications AG: We assistance you through your All-IP connection

Depending top top the size of your company and the demands you location on her communications, there are various solutions and choices. As a business partner of Deutsche Telekom, we usage our an extensive know-how and also many years of experience to certain the smooth integration of her systems into All-IP. Through our close networking, we accelerate procedures for you and support girlfriend in applying for and updating connections. We advise you ~ above the selection between the available an easy and additional modules and also develop an All-IP solution that suits you and your company

gain your complimentary consultation now! AG: your custom-fit communication solution

Whether video clip conferencing, teleconferencing or cloud-based telephony: we carry out manufacturer-independent consulting in the field of digital or cloud-based telephony and also develop the perfect interaction solution for you, which we combine precisely right into your company processes.

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With our subsidiary ITK interactions GmbH, we have a highly dedicated business unit with extensive industry knowledge, experience and expert know-how. Thanks to plenty of years of collaboration with ours manufacturer partner Mitel and also Avaya, we deserve to guarantee the reliability and also quality that the hardware used.