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inquiry 1

The link between labor expenses in China and the price that MP3 music players in the United states is an instance of ________.

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Question 2

The growing demand for biofuels in the United claims that has actually led to a farming supply the soybeans indigenous Brazil is an instance of all of the following other than ________ economies.

Question 3

An example of globalization the ________ is Toyota opening a factory in Kentucky.

Question 4

A ax that explains the activity of manufacturing away from a domestic production website to a foreign location is ________ outsourcing.Question 5

The emerging country that Alpha had actually a dominance that no one of that is factories might be owned by suppliers from the arisen country of Beta. If Alpha drops this rule, this would certainly be an instance of ________.

Question 6

Which that the complying with is contributing to the acceleration the globalization?

Question 70 / 1 ptsAll of the following add to speeding up globalization other than ________.

Question 8

Brazil has experienced rapid financial growth and increased sales of its commodities to various other countries. This is an example of a(n) ________.

Question 9

The country of Baa-Baa raises sheep relatively much more efficiently than the country of Snuggle. Cuddling weaves woolen blankets relatively much more efficiently than Baa-Baa. Baa-Baa decides to specialize in increasing sheep, to market wool come Snuggle, and also to buy blankets indigenous Snuggle. Cuddling decides to specialization in ceiling weaving, to market blankets come Baa-Baa, and also to buy structure from Baa-Baa. This global trade illustrates ________ advantage.

Question 10

If the united States has actually the capacity to produce much more steel than any kind of other country in the world, the joined States has actually a(n) ________ benefit in steel production.

Question 11

A country"s launching the a government-owned telecommunications satellite is an instance of investing in ________.

Question 12

A U.S. Consumer electronics firm has to shut down due to the fact that it can not compete against foreign manufacturers. Because that the united States, this is an example of a(n) ________ of global trade.

Question 13

U.S. Farmer export box sweet corn to Germany, i m sorry lowers the price come a German customer by a few cents. The services to Germany of this international trade deal space ________.

Question 14

If the country of Epsilon areas a taxes on all grapes imported native the country of Zeta, Epsilon has imposed a(n) ________.

Question 15

As a result of their affect on the quantity, variety, and quality of products, trade obstacles ________ domestic consumers.

Question 16

The country of Theta restricts the tasks of foreign insurance suppliers in bespeak to provide Theta"s insurance market a chance to grow and also develop. Theta"s plot are an example of the ________ discussion in donate of protectionism.

Question 17

The cheap foreign labor argument for protectionism refers to ________.

Question 18

The oldest and largest cost-free trade area in the civilization is ________.

Question 19

With a an international strategy because that conducting company internationally, a company competes ________.

Question 20

Disadvantages that ________ incorporate losing control over a company because compromise v the companion is inevitable and the danger of shedding proprietary technology in the occasion of dissolution of the partnership.

Question 21

Cooperative arrangements between actual or potential competitors in i m sorry each partner retains its business independence are recognized as ________.

Question 22

The ratio at i beg your pardon Australian dollars room converted right into Indonesian rupiah is well-known as the ________ rate.

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Question 23

U.S. Exporters choose a(n) ________ dollar.

Question 24

What is a precious explanation regarding why some nations retain nonconvertible currency?