You room asked come prepare a $mathrmpH=3.00$ buffer solution starting from 1.25 $mathrmL$ the a 1.00 $mathrmM$ solution of hydrofluoric acid $(mathrmHF)$ and also any quantity you need of salt fluoride $(mathrmNaF)$. (a) What is the $mathrmpH$ the the hydrofluoric acid equipment prior to adding sodium fluoride? (b) How plenty of grams of sodium fluoride must be included to prepare the buffer solution? overlook the little volume readjust that occurs once the sodium fluoride is added.

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in this question, We are hops come prepare. Um, A ns h, um, 3 points total buffer. Therefore ph turn off offer. He's 3.0 beginning from to walk 0.2 liters. Digital to hit liter turn off one through 00 Moeller i don't flooring Carson ~ above in here months. Girlfriend need all of us. City Council. Right. Okay, for this reason x sodium. Every right, therefore what is the ph turn off the Hydrofluoric acid equipment trial? Too hot in the salt fluoride. Therefore the ph the the 1.25 leaders turn off one allude Darrell Mohler each have so so 1.0 more. That method we have actually ah. Won't uncover zero mole in ah, one child's on meal or one leader. Then placed it the way. One liter. So thus we have ex mole in ah, won't want you 5 liters show Daddy sell. We're going to survive more, right. For this reason Texas won't want to five more. So the much more clarity every the equipment is, uh, of the solution is that course, one finds a role. Um, Lulu and ah, this systems is, uh, the forecast. A solution. So once it's greater Nice. You have Ah h ceo uh, also fifty percent minus. For this reason if you have actually ah, one finds you no more off. Uh, i don't Florrick Acid. Let's execute it choose this. So we have the concentration we space in this year. Oh, wait. We have, Ah, a studio highs. And also this year, concentration top top duh. They discover our concentration. So at first we have actually Ah, we have actually ah, won't find you Don't know. And also then we have zero off this. And also now we have zero days. So climate the concentration of the young sex breathe for sex and this river plus X then the full will it is in Won't uncover you called minus X and also this is X and also this is fixed. Stunner K movie. Every loss concentration F minus concentration divided by concentration of Hydrofluoric acid and the cable the each have actually 613 time turn reclaim power. Miners fall, and also I'll be concentration of ex off h boss's ex. Much of Iran concentration of have minors, which is, uh, ex. If i didn't buy war, uncover zero minus x. For this reason if we observed for hex. Therefore the hex. Well, give us, uh, it's walk to it is in square. Okay. So has to provide us, uh, miners 010 come 54 and, uh, 0.0 248 for this reason we're gonna go v days due to the fact that concentration cannot be negative. Therefore, we deserve to calculate speech. Because we listed concentration that H ceo pH. It's going to it is in negative. Longer name turn off h plus. And also from here we said that ah x is period villas and every phase Balsillie, whichever tea uh so excessive wasn't hexes have minus or the concentration of beach blows on F Miners room the same. Therefore we find extra visit opens their old 2 come 4 hate and my nose there over the ridge UF turn off 254 and also would be reason I don't 0.24 heads because concentration can not be an unfavorable to that music concentration turn off H policies 0.248 for this reason dumb it's ah Ph. Remember, an adverse longer them turn off 0.0 come 4 age and also I will give horse what's want 1606 so this is the pH prior to hardy in salt fluoride. Be stated are plenty of grams pure floor. I need to be handed to her are afraid to prepare the buffer systems off PS 3.0. Therefore we understand the pH is, uh, top it here, to add logon name off the, um, fluoride. I don't Florida concert for the examine on full. Appropriate again. But, Allie every right. Therefore the peach will want his 3.0. It's inquest in Topeka. That off sodium off the buffer. He witnessed three point year plus much longer team off. We're trying to find the concentration of salt fluoride us don't know. And, uh, concentration the Hydrofluoric acid. He said I desire my 25 much more because, uh, explaining here that, uh, concentration is, well, 0.0 and, uh, 1.0 moller. And also that's what by an ext than one liters. And also we have I won't 10.25 liters. So the 1.25 later, we contain 1.25 more. So due to the fact that we're do the efforts to determine the amounts of the studio, every right, and also needs to be hearted. We require to understand we require you supplied a number of an ext off the Hydrofluoric acid eyes present. So if we fix this, go ahead. And, uh, this will be my sleep at a 0.2 is since to log turn off X will 1.25 and, uh, this come be, UH, 0.631 He's in pursuit of ex who won't desire to. Well the f o X will be equates to to 0.7 89 Oh, and that is the number of more off salt fluoride. It's simply a number of more off the city in complete right. Therefore, we have the right to calculate a grasp sodium fluoride by multiply this number off an ext biting Mama's oxygen flow. Right? so well, I need to study ~ above Fluoride is 42 grounds for an ext careful should off sodium fluoride.

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Perhaps you close to 42 grounds for an ext sign 0.789 an ext and that will certainly be 33 points. Want three heads? Graham, additionally the uncle right?