Plants usage carbon dioxide in a procedure known as photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen together a waste product. Carbon dioxide moves from the air into the pipeline of plants through tiny openings in the plant’s leaves. Oxygen moves out of the plant leaf through these exact same openings.

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All animals, including humans, need oxygen come survive. Animals breathe in the oxygen made by plants and also breathe out carbon dioxide together a waste product. Even animals that live underwater need oxygen. These pets pass water over their gills to take it in dissolved oxygen that is make by water plants. The water plants consequently take in the dissolved carbon dioxide indigenous the water.

Animals and also plants are connected to each other by the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle. Plants require the carbon dioxide from pets to live and animals must have actually the oxygen from plants to survive.

yes this also occurs underwater


this fish depend on the plants to produce oxygen and the plants count on the fish to output carbon dioxide.

Even algae offers off oxygen...Read the link below to view just how much oxygen birds outputs



n a healthy environment, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remains about the same over a period of time. The animals breathe out carbon dioxide in ~ a rate that is similar to the amount required by plants in the area. If too countless trees are reduced down, or if too lot carbon dioxide is developed by the burning of fossil fuels, one area may come to be polluted v an overabundance of CO2. This can result in one unhealthy balance and may contribute to global warming


when their room too countless consumers eat the producers in an area then your is overgrazing the occurs. This will cause some of the pets to dice from the absence of food. As more animals die more producers(plants) will grow and the balance will certainly be restored.

THE sunlight

Animals and also plants count on each other for survival on Earth, without the sunlight neither(none) of castle would survive

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