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soft palate, additionally called palatal velum, velum, or muscular palate, in mammals, framework consisting that muscle and also connective tissue that creates the roof that the posterior (rear) portion of the dental cavity. The soft palate, in addition to the hard palate, forms the palate, or the roof that the mouth, i m sorry separates the oral and also nasal cavities. The soft palate is continuous with the difficult palate, which develops in the anterior roof the the mouth. The soft palate plays vital role in impede food and also other substances indigenous entering the nasal passages during swallowing and also is important in the formation of specific sounds in speech production.

Unlike the bony hard palate, the soft palate is an extremely flexible. That is created of a strong, thin, fibrous sheet, recognized as the palatine aponeurosis, and also the glossopalatine and pharyngopalatine muscles. A tiny projection dubbed the uvula hangs totally free from the posterior of the soft palate. In ~ the rear of the dental cavity, the soft palate is consistent with the mucous membrane covering the floor of the sleep cavity.


The soft palate is created of muscle and also connective tissue, which give it both mobility and support. This palate is very...

During swallowing, the soft palate is traction up, causing it to press against the posterior pharyngeal wall. As soon as elevated in this way, it completely blocks and separates the nasal cavity and also nasal portion of the pharynx indigenous the mouth and the oral part of the pharynx. When elevated, the soft palate create a vacuum in the dental cavity, i m sorry keeps food out of the respiratory tract tract.

The soft palate, because of its place in the oral cavity and its flexibility, has vital function in the manufacturing of particular sounds supplied in person speech. As soon as the soft palate is down, so the air can still go out v the nose, there is said to it is in a nasal stop. Sound of this kind happen at the beginning of indigenous such together my and nigh. Nasalized vowels, in which the soft palate is lower so that component of the airstream walk out through the nose, occur in plenty of languages. If, in addition to the articulatory closure in the mouth, the soft palate is elevated so the the nasal tract is clogged off, then the airstream will certainly be totally obstructed, the press in the mouth will be developed up, and also an oral stop will certainly be formed.

The soft palate is affiliated in several conditions and also diseases in humans, including cleft palate, sleep apnea, and cancer. In slit palate, the soft palate may have a fissure, leading to failure that the palatal shelves (in the roof that the mouth) come close during prenatal development. In sleep apnea, tissues such as the soft palate in the upper airway collapse during sleep, cutting turn off airflow and also interrupting breathing. Cancer of the soft palate can also occur; risk components include tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and also infection with human being papillomavirus (HPV).

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