The Vietnam war was the first war come be highly publicized through graphic images in newspapers and live coverage top top television. The American public was largely split into 2 camps: people who want to finish the war, or “doves,” and people who supported America continuing to be in the war, or “hawks.”

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The doves organized and participated in numerous anti-war protests, which included protests (usually on university campuses), marches ~ above Washington, and a selection of newspaper and also magazine articles condemning the war. Throughout these protests, some guys publicly shed their draft cards together an plot of defiance versus both the battle itself and also the draft’s compulsory military service for young men. The doves were largely younger people, especially college students.

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The doves preached messages the peace and also love. In your eyes, the battle was unjust and was killing countless young American men only to assist the profits of us companies. They experienced the authorized of united state companies prefer the Dow Chemical company in making tools of war (like napalm and Agent Orange, both of which led to painful deaths for both civilians and also military pressures in Vietnam) together immoral. They additionally felt the the us couldn’t victory the war versus North Vietnam, a feeling amplified by the US’s forced withdrawal ~ the fight of Khe Sanh, and then again after ~ the Tet Offensive, in i beg your pardon the US arised militarily victorious however lost well-known support after north Vietnam’s show of power. The doves thought that the hawks were supporting this unjust battle in order to enlarge the profits of companies like Dow Chemical. They additionally believed the the hawks were pursuing an untenable foreign policy goal, all at the price of countless American lives.

Hawks, who were an ext likely to be older, and also Republican or southern Democratic, want President Johnson to use every one of America’s manpower and firepower to success the war. The hawks felt that the US needed to be affiliated in the Vietnam battle in stimulate to defeat communism and protect the US and its means of life. They thought anticommunist southern Vietnam necessary to it is in defended, together they worried about the domino effect and feasible threats to America if communism were permitted to expand. In the hawk’s eyes, the doves were weak hippies, and also their opposition come the war and also widespread protests to be contributing come the US losing the battle by reducing publicly support.