Gather hot Blood armour and multiple tools as you continue to discover Lords of the Fallen.

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Lords of the fallen guide: situate Kaslo

There’s a checkpoint in the centre of the room. Execute what you have to do there, then leaving the area via the door ~ above the right at the other side that the room. Head right to discover 2 Infested and also an audio note. In the corner is a chest containing a Warrior armour set. Go under the stairs, fight off the Marauder, and go v the red door at the bottom. There will be a group of Infested waiting for friend inside, and in the nearby room, you’ll uncover a Monk employee in a chest come the left.

Proceed come the next room, deal with the Infested surprised attack, pick up the audio note and also make your way through the next door.

In prior of you and to the left is a statue the shares that is platform with the Northern Monastery soup Door Key. You deserve to jump end to acquire the crucial that will permit you to collection the Shard the Heroes native the covert corridor mentioned earlier. Irradiate armour will make you much more agile, for this reason if you’re struggling to obtain across, a change of clothes may be in order.

Head to the bottom that the stairs ahead of you, grabbing the audio keep in mind on the way, hit the 2 Infested and open the chest right here to choose up the Rogue armour set. Leave the area via the door come the left, and pop over to the checkpoint top top the left. Dispatch the Infected to the right then go down the stairs come the courtyard below, where another pair of Infected and a Marauder will assault you. As soon as you’ve taken treatment of them, cross the courtyard and also go up the stairs. Keep in mind that at the height of the left staircase is a Rogue, and at the height of the right staircase is a Marauder. Death them both and yank the levers to open up the gate below.

Go through the gate and also offer your very own special brand of medical help to the Monk beyond, i m sorry basically involves offering come lop off his hand, telling him to find someone through a doctorate and giving him a potion. This small exchange will nab girlfriend The Butcher weapon and also 500 XP.

Head past the Monk and also through the door to the left whereby you’ll find a chest include Hot Blood head and also chest armour, and also a couple of spiders that’ll require a bit much more than a rolling up newspaper to gain rid of. When you’re done here, make your way down the stairs till you run into an Infested. The room here is home to 2 Infested and also nothing more, for this reason it’s up to you if you desire to endeavor inside.

Continue down the stairs come the left and through the door. Follow the path and also you’ll come across an Infested play dead and a Rogue that will pelt you with ranged attacks, so prep her shield or be prepared to roll. Head increase the stairs and through into the rooms in ~ the top. In the 2nd room, you’ll it is in immediately set upon through a Rogue, and also an Infested is lie in wait (literally) ~ above the various other side that the room. You can use a shard to open the chest in here, alongside the locked door, to acquire an Attribute allude Shard and also Live Elements armour.

Go earlier to the other side of the room to pick up the audio note, then pop up the stairs end in the left corner, whereby a Marauder awaits you at the top. There space 2 possible paths increase here. The stairs come the left bring about a bridge holding Infested and a chest containing the Symmetry armour set but we have to head under the stairway the best to progress, for this reason grab the armour if you want to then dual back and also down the right-hand staircase.

Soon after ~ heading this way, you’ll create a cutscene, after which you’ll have a Gauntlet that allows you to carry out ranged attacks. Usage it to take under the chap in former of you,being wary that his own ranged attacks. You’ll notice a bar on the left next of the gate here. Give it a yank to open up the gate. The door is a shortcut earlier to the area the you simply came from so it’s helpful to have actually it open.

Grab the audio keep in mind from the left of where you obtained the Gauntlet, and also take treatment of the Rogue waiting at the bottom that the pathway. Take the staircase come the left and also head over to the checkpoint to create a cutscene, after i m sorry you can either traction the lever next to Yetka to proceed to the next boss fight, or go and also have a look for this dagger she’s so keen top top for part XP. Dagger the is!

Use the checkpoint to save, take treatment of the Infested at the top of the stairs and also pick up the Scratch Fist native the corner to the right. Head down the stairs come the left, acquisition out the Marauder and also picking increase the audio note, then open up the chest end to the right for a Fire Resistance Shard and also Lethal an enig short sword.

At the side of the room is another set of stairs. Do your means up below to find another chest comprise a Pain Hammer, Live Elements chest armour and a Magic Resistance Shard. Head over to the bar on the other side of the room and also give the a pull, opening up another shortcut to where you obtained up the Gauntlet. Go down the next set of stairs and also steel you yourself for a rigorous battle versus a large spider. It will attack by jumping in the direction of you, releasing poisonous gas, and also laying eggs that will certainly spawn smaller spiders, all set to join the fray. Once it’s pooping the end eggs, take it the chance to hack at its backside. When it’s to be exterminated, crack open the chest below for a Magic energy Shard and also a Spike Greathammer.

Double ago to whereby you choose up the Lethal an enig short sword due to the fact that we need to discover the Tower Key. In this area, head over to the edge wherein the wall is in dire need of repair. You’ll spot part platforms below, to the left of a corpse. You should manoeuvre you yourself over to the left so the you drop off onto the platform below that holds the Tower Key.

Once you’ve obtained the key, drop under to platform below, go under the staircase come the right, taking treatment of the Infested and also Rogue, and also use the Tower an essential to open the door come the castle. Seize the audio keep in mind on your way through here, and be wary that an attack from one Infested to the left and Marauder straight ahead. Just beyond the Marauder is a chest containing a Fate Axe.

Take the staircase come the right, head ideal at the top, and attend to the Rogue (using a ranged attack) and 2 Infested. After ~ they’ve to be dispatched, bring on to discover a chest the holds Prejudice Staff and tiny Sealed Rune. Currently head in the contrary direction to the doorway concealing an Infested. Kill it, then pop up the stairs where you’ll uncover Yetka’s Dagger. However, there’s a Marauder stand in the way and 3 Infested lying on the floor, so attend to them in every little thing order functions for you, and also collect Yetka’s Dagger. Pop open up the chest here for Hot Blood wrist and leg armour. Prior to you leave, ascend the staircase here and unlock the door in ~ the optimal with the Tower crucial to create one more shortcut.

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Make your means back come Yetka at the checkpoint and trade the dagger for the Key to the Catacombs. This is a fairly high-level area that you might want to protect against for now.

Time for a ceo battle! pull the bar by Yetka to open up the gate, that will automatically shut behind you, for this reason there’s no going back. You’ll be attacked by a Marauder and Rogue, and as soon as they go down, you’ll be thrown into the boss fight there is no a second’s respite.