On today in 1952 on one atoll of the Marshall Islands, Edward Teller and also other American scientists tested the an initial thermonuclear bomb, its strength resulting from an uncontrolled, self-sustaining atom chain reaction.

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American novelist wilhelm Styron—known because that his therapy of disastrous themes and also his rich timeless prose style, highlighted in such works as Sophie"s Choice (1979)—died at period 81. Test your knowledge of well known writers
Bernard Gotfryd photograph Collection, Library the Congress, Washington, D.C. (reproduction no. LC-DIG-gtfy-03606)

American expert gridiron football player Walter Payton, who was among the game"s biggest running backs, passed away from bile duct cancer. Sort truth from fiction in our quiz about American football

James Cameron"s Titanic, a drama about the doomed s liner, had actually its first public screening in ~ the Tokyo worldwide Film Festival; the movie would end up being one of the highest possible grossing of every time, and also it do Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet worldwide stars. How much perform you know around the movie Titanic?

The national Aeronautics and an are Administration (NASA) released its Wind spacecraft top top a mission that would include a “halo orbit” in between the Sun and Earth to check out the room environment there. Sort reality from fiction in our quiz about space exploration
The Maastricht Treaty entered into force, thereby creating the europe Union. Sort reality from fiction in our quiz around world organizations
Antigua and also Barbuda completed independence native the unified Kingdom, v Vere Bird serving together the very first prime minister. Take our quiz around islands
The film standard Cool Hand Luke opened in American theatres, and also it ended up being especially recognized for Paul Newman"s power in among his top antihero roles. Test your expertise of Paul Newman
Puerto Rican nationalists, members of the armed Forces of nationwide Liberation (FALN), attempted to assassinate U.S. President Harry S. Truman.
In a steed race that recorded the creative thinking of Americans throughout the great Depression, Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral by 4 lengths. Take it our quiz about famous horses
The Grand national Assembly, in ~ the behest of Kemal Atatürk, voted to abolish the sultanate of Turkey. Take our quiz around the history of Turkey and the footrest Empire
American author Stephen Crane, who works included The Red argorial of Courage (1895), to be born. Test your understanding of well known novels
The rubber stamp Act got in effect, noting the an initial British parliamentary attempt to progressive revenue through straight taxation of all American colonial commercial and legal papers. Take our quiz about early America
Rare Books and also Manuscripts Division, The new York public Library, Astor, Lenox and also Tilden Foundations
Lisbon was greatly damaged by an earthquake that demolished an ext than 9,000 buildings and killed as countless as 30,000 people. How much perform you know about natural disasters?
william Shakespeare"s The Tempest was apparently performed because that the very first time. Sort fact from fiction in ours quiz about Shakespearean plays
because that the an initial time, the basic public was able to view Michelangelo"s fresco ~ above the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Palace; the artwork is among the greatest achievements in west painting. Test your expertise of Italian Renaissance art
holy Roman Emperor otto III granted the Bavarian bishopric that Freising 30 “royal hides,” or about 8 square kilometres (2,000 acres), of floor in a deed that contained the an initial recorded use of the name Ostarrîchi, from which the surname Austria is derived. Take our quiz around kings and emperors
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National convention that the C.I.O. Authorized constitutional revised barring Communists, fascist and also members of various other totalitarian groups from the C.I.O. Executive, management board.