How plenty of peripheral gadgets can you attach with a USB port?A. As much as 57B. Approximately 32C. Approximately 45D. As much as 127

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Which that the following are capable of processing many trillions of indict in a solitary second?A. SupercomputersB. Midrange serversC. Notebook computersD. Desktop computer computers
Short text messages sent out via a text message business are generally fewer than how countless characters?A. 445B. 300C. 700D. 500
Which that the adhering to is not a likely complaint the someone that spends his or she workday using the computer?A. Emotional fatigueB. High blood pressureC. Lower earlier painD. Muscle fatigue
If a POS terminal is able to update inventory in ~ geographically different locations, what is the term for this ability?A. ATM facilityB. Digital encapsulationC. Internet capableD. POS mobility
Which the the adhering to occurs as soon as the incoming electric supply or voltage increases, often identified as an ext than five percent, above the normal volts?A. OvervoltageB. UndervoltageC. Online surgeD. Strength surge
What is the term because that the picture/video message service accessible on smartphones and also other mobile devices?A. MCSB. CMSC. MMSD. SCM
Which that the complying with is an alternate to the use of her finger to enter data top top a tablet computer like the one presented in the accompanying figure?A. StylusB. QuickpenC. TapperD. Phablet
Which that the following is the practice of sharing computing resources, such together servers, like those in the accompanying figure?A. VirtualizationB. AggregationC. ConcatenationD. Clustering
Which the the adhering to is no a part of a server favor the one in the accompanying figure?A. StorageB. Network connectionsC. ProcessorD. Bundled software
Which design of tablet, as presented on the appropriate in the accompanying figure, has an enclosed keyboard?A. Baseline tabletB. Convertible tabletC. Slate tabletD. Dynamic tablet

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Which that the following is a network of numerous servers, choose those in the accompanying figure, together in a solitary location?A. Server farmB. Server mainframeC. Server unitD. Server aggregate