Answer: from the offered passage above from The Odyssey – Penelope, the line from the i that best shows the Penelope is clever is: and also so for three years ns deceived the Akhaians. What renders Penelope very clever is that, she suitors agreed with her condition which is she demands to weave the an excellent loom.

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Which occasion from the Odyssey ideal highlights the idea that the old Greeks greatly dislike greediness?

Thus, the event in the Odyssey the depicts the dislike of greediness in ancient Greece is that men were punished by the god Zeus because that being greed in the Island that the Cicones.

What is an open up line of credit brainly?

Step-by-step explanation: An open line of credit transaction is a heat of credit versus which extr debt may be drawn. An open credit line permits you to borrow money versus the credit transaction line at different times. You can borrow against it up to the credit limit.

What native are used to explain the Cyclops?

Here room some adjectives because that cyclops: immense, black-haired, nutty bald, fierce, cruel and rude, faithful unseen, cruel and rude, monstrous twin, rough, blind, gigantical, madly glaring, old whiskered, particular grand, hideous and also terrible, poisonous and also loathsome, details greedy, dim-witted, big male, lilliputian.

How would you define Cyclops?

Cyclops. The Cyclops were giant; one-eyed monsters; a wild race of lawless creatures that possess no social manners nor fear of the Gods. Cyclopes means ’round eye. According to Homer’s Odysseus where he presented likely the most renowned Cyclops, Polyphemus, Cyclopes to be the boy of Poseidon, not Gaea.

What characteristics does the Cyclops have?

Characteristics that the Cyclops together Odysseus and also his men hide in the Cyclops’ cave and also eventually fulfill him, the leader learns that the Cyclops is loud, extraordinarily strong, inhospitable and also both murderous and violent.

What is Polyphemus’s curse?

That is: Polyphemus did not curse Odysseus at all–Polyphemus asks his father, Poseidon (god of the sea) to put a curse on Odysseus. Therefore Poseidon cursed Odysseus and his men. The impact was storms and also winds that protect against them from return home.

What walk Cyclops ask for in his prayer come Poseidon?

After Odysseus and also his males trick and then blind the Cyclops Polyphemus, he prays come his father, Poseidon, the god of the sea and earthquakes, and asks him to put a curse on Odysseus and also his men.

What is the curse that the Cyclops?

The Curse that the Cyclops: “Hear me, Poseidon … If truly ns am your son, and you identify yourself together my father, approve that Odysseus, who formats himself Sacker that Cities and also son the Laertes, might never reach his home in Ithaca.

Why walk the gods curse Odysseus?

The old Greeks thought that Zeus safeguarded all travelers, and also so to respect them was to honor him; likewise, to damage travelers was to dishonor him. As soon as Polyphemus eats Odysseus’s men, suggesting that he require not obey the gods because he is more powerful than they, Odysseus is required to uncover a way to to escape the monster.

How go Poseidon punishment Odysseus because that blinding the Cyclops?

Finally, Odysseus figured out a clever setup that would save him and also all his crew who were left alive. The only way he was able to pull this arrangement off to be by putting out the cyclops’ eye. For this crime, blinding his son, Poseidon decided to punishment Odysseus by never permitting him to end up his voyage home. Alive or dead.

What walk Odysseus do to the Cyclops?

Odysseus told that his surname was “No man”. The Cyclops then fell rapid asleep in a drunken sleep. Odysseus and his men then take it the timber and also heated the sharpened finish in the fire till it glowed red. Then, with all your strength, they thrust the red-hot suggest into the eye the Polyphemus.

Did Odysseus call the Cyclops his name?

Q: Why does Odysseus call the Cyclops his name is Nobody? Odysseus speak the Cyclops his surname is Nobody together he knows that when he attacks, the Cyclops will cry out and also be inquiry by other Cyclopes if it needs help.

How walk Odysseus find out from his mistakes?

Odysseus is known for both his good strength and also his good resourcefulness in using his wits to gain out of negative situations. However, that does confront temptations and also he does make mistakes. Odysseus learns from this to store his very own counsel, advice which serves him well when he return home.

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What is Odysseus epos flaw?

Odysseus has actually three major personality flaws of having hubris, or extreme pride, of being excessively curious, and having a absence of leadership or vigilance which reason him to extend his journey, endanger his men, and also compromise his relationships.