Explain the style/behavioral approach and also two general kinds that behaviors. What is the main purpose that the style approach?

The style approach emphasizes the behavior of the leader. The behavioral technique focuses top top what leaders do and how lock act. Two general kinds of behaviors are: job behaviors and also relationship behaviors. The main purpose of the style technique is to explain how leaders integrate these 2 kinds of behaviors to affect followers in their efforts to with a goal.

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Summarize the study methods and results that the Ohio State and Michigan studies. How were the findings similar and different? What were the overall findings in the collaborative research studies in the 1950s and also 1960s?

Ohio State

Methods: pendant completed questionnaires about their leaders. Followers had actually to identify the variety of times your leaders involved in certain types of behaviors. LBDQ (Leader habits Description Questionnaire)

Results: 2 general varieties of management behaviors: initiating structure and consideration. Gift high in both behaviors is the best form of leadership.


Methods: 2 orientations: employee orientation and production orientation.

Results: The 2 constructs space two independent management orientations. Leaders space able to it is in oriented toward both production and also employees in ~ the very same time.
Similar findings: result were comparable in the they imply the leader can construct these styles, and it’s no just based upon being great at one skill or the other.

Collaborative findings: few of the findings pointed come the value of a leader being both extremely task oriented and highly connection oriented in every situations, yet it was mainly all inconclusive.

Compare and contrast Blake and also Mouton’s managerial grid theory to the Ohio State and also Michigan studies.

The management Grid portrays five major leadership styles: authority-compliance, country- club management, impoverished management, middle-of-the-road management, and team management. Both Ohio and Michigan, and the grid rundown the principle that leaders can have concerns for results, and likewise people.

Study the managerial (leadership) grid and also explain the source of five significant styles. Specify each of this styles and also explain how a leader v each style might be described.

Authority-Compliance: Heavy emphasis on task and also job requirements. This format is result-driven and people are concerned as tools. Leader is controlling, demanding, tough driving, and also overpowering.Country-Club Management: Heavy emphasis on interpersonal relationships. Leaders are agreeable, eager to help, comforting, and also uncontroversial.Impoverished Management: Leader is unconcerned with both the task and interpersonal relationships. The leader is uninvolved, withdrawn, indifferent, noncommittal, resigned, and also apathetic.Middle-of-the-road Management: Heavy emphasis on compromising. Intermediate problem for both the task and the human being completing the task. Leaders are expedient, choose the middle ground, soft-petal disagreement, and also swallow convictions in the interest of “progress”.Team Management: Heavy focus on both tasks and also interpersonal relationships. Leader: stimulates participation, action determined, gets problems into the open, makes concerns clear, follows through, behaves open-mindedly, and enjoys working.

Explain the paternalism/maternalism style and how it is derived from the managerial grid. Describe as extensively as possible the behaviors linked with this style. Have the right to you think of any examples of popular leaders who use this style? Is a paternalistic/maternalistic leader aware of his or she style? exactly how would a paternalistic/maternalistic leader score ~ above the format Questionnaire? What concerns would you encompass on a questionnaire to assess the behaviors connected with this style?

Paternalism/Maternalism: describes a leader who provides both (1,9) and (9,1) styles, yet doesn’t incorporate the two. This leaders are considered “fatherly” or “motherly” to their followers.

These leaders construct a positive, growing, family-like connection with your followers.Pastors often tend to construct a family-like partnership with those the attend their services.These leaders might or might not establish their format of leadership. They try to make the most of vital decisions and also they reward/punish behaviors that are helpful or noncompliant respectively.The leaders would certainly score an ext on the nurturing side of the LBDQ.“How often does the leader punish or reward actions that room noncompliant or advantageous to the group?”

Explain the opportunistic style and how the is acquired from the managerial grid. Define as extensively as possible the behaviors associated with this style. Can you think of any type of examples of well-known leaders who use this style? Is an opportunistic leader aware of his or her style? just how would one opportunistic leader score ~ above the style Questionnaire? What concerns would you encompass on a questionnaire to assess the behaviors associated with this style?

Opportunistic Style: refers to a leader who provides any combination of the straightforward five layouts for the purpose of an individual advancement.

Opportunistic leaders it is adapted and shift his or her leadership behavior to gain a personal advantage, placing self-interest front of other priorities. An individual GAINOpportunistic leader are really aware of their layout of leadership due to the fact that it revolves around their own personal development.Opportunistic leaders space task-oriented.
- “How often does the leader ask for constructive criticism top top his/her management styles?”

Complete instance 4.1 (or 4.2. Or 4.3) and answer all questions. Case 4.2

Susan’s leadership is just one of authority-compliance.She is a hardcore accomplisher. It’s basic for people to build an opinion of she style due to the fact that they one of two people love the or dislike it.I think she need to stay as productive as she is now, but make more of an initiative to connect and also relate to she employees.If she connects with her employees better, i think the would benefit both her and also her business.

Rate you yourself on the layout Questionnaire. Perform your scores suggest that girlfriend are much more task- oriented or people-oriented? tell a story that shows exactly how your habits in one situation illustrated your dominant leadership style.

Task Score: 40

Relationship Score: 45

On field day, (even though our team won) i was much more concerned through building better relationships v the human being in mine group. I feel prefer we connected well and also that’s why us were able come succeed.

Is the “Impoverished management” format ever suitable or desirable for one organization?

No. The lazy and careless.

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Who is the best leader girlfriend know? The worst? come what level does the style technique account for the differences in between these leaders?

Jesus Christ is the best leader ns know. I don’t know any “worst leaders”, due to the fact that I don’t think about them leaders. The worst leaders room impoverished ones and also the ideal are team-managers.