This brought about the death of Adolf Hitler and also the fallen of Nazi leadership, which then brought about a fallen of the army and surrender come allied pressures on may 7th, 1945.

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Contrast the foreign policies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson. Drag each policy to the correct president.

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1. Theodore Roosevelt negotiated peace between Japan and also Russia. President Theodore Roosevelt added decisively come the negotiations for the signing that the Treaty of Portsmouth, the formally finished the Russo-Japanese War and also won the Nobel tranquility Prize because that his efforts. Negotiations take it place in between August 6 and also 30, 1905, the treaty to be signed, days later, ~ above September 5, in ~ the Portsmouth navy Shipsirhenryjones-museums.orgrd, in the state that Maine, in the united States.

2. Wilhelm Howard Taft repaid Latin American debts owed to Europe. With the so-called "Diplomacy the the Dollar," the international policy the President wilhelm Howard Taft was aimed in ~ fostering and defending united state interests in Latin America, reflecting a goal beyond the simply economic: continental and hemispheric security of the joined States, which could be protected and guaranteed with the application of recipe of an financial nature (customs, tax collection, etc.) that provide stability and also tranquility come a an ar frequently plagued by political chaos and also financial disorder, situations that caused are afraid of one unwanted intervention of powers past America and also replacing europe investments v US dollars, remove the danger to the sovereignty that Latin American countries.

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3. Woodrow Wilson recognized Japanese understand in Manchuria. Through the Lansing-Ishii Agreement (named ~ the castle of the then Secretary of State of the United claims Robert Lansing and the surname of the Japanese one-of-a-kind envoy Ishii Kikujirō), signed through the joined States and also the realm of Japan on November 2, 1917 during the presidency that Woodrow Wilson, regarding its distinctions with respect come China, the joined States government recognized the Japan had actually special understanding in China, because of its geographical proximity, specifically in the nearest locations of China to the Japanese territory (Manchuria).