Recall that theactivity seriesgives us therelative reactivities of metals to oxidation:metals higher in the activity series are more reactive to oxidation and vice-versa.

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Lithium (Li+)

Can displace Hydrogen from liquid water, steam, and acids.

Potassium (K+)

Barium (Ba2+)

Strontium (Sr2+)

Calcium (Ca2+)

Sodium (Na+)

Magnesium (Mg2+)

Can displace Hydrogen from steam and acids.

Aluminum (Al3+)

Zinc (Zn2+)

Chromium (Cr2+, Cr3+)

Iron(Fe2+, Fe3+)

Cadmium (Cd2+)

Can displace Hydrogen from acids.

Cobalt (Co2+)

Nickel (Ni2+)

Tin (Sn2+)

Lead (Pb2+)


Antimony (Sb3+)

Arsenic (As3+, As5+)

Bismuth (Bi3+)

Copper (Cu+, Cu2+)

Mercury (Hg22+, Hg2+)

Silver (Ag+)

Palladium (Pd3+)

Platinum (Pt2+, Pt3+)

Gold (Au+, Au3+)

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Problem Details

Which of these metals will be oxidized by the ions of aluminum?

A) magnesium

B) iron

C) chromium

D) nickel

E) zinc

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