Which statement summarizes ordinary Americans" mindset toward the war in Europe? castle worried that the battle would ache trade and business. They want the U.S. To fight ~ above the side of the Allies. They want the U.S. To fight top top the next of the main Powers. Lock felt the the battle was nobody of your business.

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Ideas that nationalism in ~ its empire an especially threatened i beg your pardon of these European nations in 1914? France britain Germany Austria-Hungary
Which of these teams of nations were referred to as the main Powers? France, Britain, and also Russia Germany, Ireland, and Mexico The joined States, Britain, and also France Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also the footrest Empire
What was Germany"s greatest trouble at the start of the war? it had started a two-front war through Russia and France. A Communist change threatened to overthrow the Kaiser. The United claims had gone into the war on the side of the Allies. The brothers navy had actually blockaded its ports and also began sinking its ships at sea.
Which statement defines why a German submarine sunk the Lusitania? Germany wanted to attract the U.S. Right into the war. The German commander mistook it for a warship. Germany practiced unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany had actually warned Americans no to take trip on brother ships.
After the sinking that the Lusitania, the United states responded to an strike on a French passenger delivery by doing which of the following? signing a formal alliance v the Allied powers issuing the Zimmermann Note and also declaring battle on Mexico issuing Germany one ultimatum and also accepting the Sussex Pledge heralding war ~ above Germany and also the main Powers
Why did many Irish Americans favor neutrality? Ireland did no take political parties in the war. They to be afraid for their family members in Ireland. They had a long-standing hostility toward Britain. They had a long-standing friendship through Germany.
Which that these describes Wilson"s position on the war throughout the 1916 campaign? He to be undecided because of the separated public opinion. He want to keep the U.S. Out of war under any kind of circumstances. He hope to protect against war but expected that the U.S. Would be drawn in. That asked the American people to support him in going to war.

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"They joined the war effort on the next of the Allies because they assumed it would bring them independence after the war." What country or human being does this sentence describe? China and also Japan Australia and new Zealand Communist supporters in Russia African swarms of France and Britain
Which the the adhering to was a an outcome of immigration from Europe being cut off throughout the war? most immigrants come the U.S. Currently came native Asia. Native-born Americans ended up being less hostile toward immigrants. Submarine war prevented would-be immigrant from leaving their countries. African Americans left the south in large numbers to occupational in war-related industries.

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