3. Endosymbiosis in the ancestors the eukaryotes, and also again in photosynthetic eukaryotes resulted in the advancement of mitochondria and also chloroplasts, which retain components of their original genomes.

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Why aren"t the 3 rRNA genes of corn one another"s closestly relatives?1. Because corn is a hybrid the yeast, cyanobacteria, and E. Coli 2. Endosymbiosis in the ancestor the corn offered it the capacity to photosynthesize and respire3. Endosymbiosis in the ancestors the eukaryotes, and also again in photosynthesis eukaryotes resulted in the evolution of mitochondria and chloroplasts, i beg your pardon retain parts of their initial genomes.
If girlfriend sequenced the chloroplast of wheat, where would you expect it to appear on the phylogenetic tree?1. The wheat sequence would appear closest come the ancestor the the cyanobacterium Chlorobium and sequence that the corn chloroplast.2. The wheat succession would show up closest to the corn chloroplastic only. 3. The wheat sequence would show up between the three corn ribosomal sequences
Which that the following is a synapomorphy of stoneworts and land plants? 1. Chloroplast 2. Chlorophyll b 3. Multicellular sporophyte 4. Retention of the egg in the parental biology 5. Branched apical growth
a. Evolution of a water-impermeable cuticlec. Evolution of gametangiad. Advancement of a device for structural supporte. A mutualistic association v a fungus that promotes nutrient uptake
Identify the adaptations advanced in the usual ancestor of land tree that enabled the successful emigration of land.Select all the apply.a. Advancement of a water-impermeable cuticleb. Evolution of a carbohydrate energy-storage molecule c. Development of gametangiad. Development of a mechanism for structure supporte. A mutualistic association through a fungus the promotes nutrient uptake
Within vascular plants, the large, prominent plant is the ----- , in nonvascular plants it is the -----.
Which team has gametophytes that space green, leaflike layers that lie flat on the ground? 1. Liverworts 2. Hornworts 3. Mosses 4. Stoneworts 5. Horsetails
Genetic recombination can happen in many different stages. Identify the possible stages below.Select all the apply. 1. Horsetail sporangia 2. Moss sporophyte 3. Fern sori4. Club moss strobili 5. Moss gametophyte
Why space mosses dependency on water for reproduction?1. Since sperm space passively transported to egg by water. 2. Since gametogenesis wake up only as soon as the plants are moist. 3. Since eggs and also sperm room released right into water and also then unite. 4. Due to the fact that sperm need to swim through water to reach and fertilize eggs.
Which group generally has big leaves with branching vascular strands, have the right to reach heights of approximately 20 meters, and has sporangia commonly clustered in groups called sori? 1. Ginkgoes 2. Horsetails 3. Ferns 4. Hornworts
Which form of land tree possesses the microphyll leaf? 1. Horsetails 2. Society mosses 3. Mosses 4. Ferns 5. Liverworts
How is the megaphyll discovered in ferns and also seed plants believed to have evolved? 1. Native sterile sporangia. 2. Through the procedure of meiosis. 3. By the process of heterospory. 4. Together a an outcome of overtopping.
Throughout the evolution of the soil plants, the sporophyte generation has end up being ---- and much more independent the the gametophyte.The gametophyte generation has come to be ----- and much more dependent ~ above the sporophyte.
A difference between gymnosperms and also angiosperms is the gymnosperms ... 1. Carry out not type seeds. 2. Perform not type flowers. 3. Do not have actually tracheid cells. 4. Rely exclusively on wind for fertilization. 5. Have second growth.

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The two major clades that angiosperms, the monocots and also eudicots, different in the variety of 1. Sperm connected in fertilization. 2. Sexes every plant; monocots have actually one sex every plant, and also eudicots have both sexes in one plant. 3. Sexes per plant; eudicots have male and female plants, and also monocots have actually both sexes in one plant. 4. Embryonic cotyledons. 5. Tracheid types.
Which is true of the eudicots? 1. Includes the magnoliids. 2. Consists of many herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees. 3.along through the monocots, eudicots space the only extant angiosperm clades. 4. They space not a clade. 5. Incorporate orchids and also palm trees