On in march 19, 2003, the unified States, together with coalition pressures primarily indigenous the unified Kingdom, initiates battle on Iraq. Simply after explosions started to absent Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, U.S. Chairman George W. Shrub announced in a televised address, “At this hour, American and also coalition forces are in the early stages of army operations come disarm Iraq, to cost-free its people and also to protect the world from tomb danger.” chairman Bush and his advisors developed much that their instance for war on the idea the Iraq, under dictator Saddam Hussein, possessed or remained in the process of structure weapons of fixed destruction.

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Hostilities began around 90 minutes after the U.S.-imposed deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq or confront war passed. The an initial targets, which bush said were “of army importance,” were hit with Tomahawk cruise missiles native U.S. Fighter-bombers and warships stationed in the Persian Gulf. In response to the attacks, Republic that Iraq radio in Baghdad announced, “the angry ones, the adversaries of God, the homeland and humanity, have committed the stupidity of aggression versus our homeland and people.”

Though Saddam Hussein had asserted in at an early stage March 2003 that, “it is there is no doubt the the faithful will be victorious against aggression,” he went into hiding soon after the American invasion, speak to his human being only with an sometimes audiotape. Coalition pressures were able to topple his regime and also capture Iraq’s significant cities in simply three weeks, sustaining few casualties. President bush declared the end of significant combat to work on might 1, 2003. In spite of the loss of traditional military pressures in Iraq, one insurgency has ongoing an extreme guerrilla war in the country in the years due to the fact that military victory was announced, leading to thousands of coalition military, insurgent and also civilian deaths.

After an extreme manhunt, U.S. Soldiers found Saddam Hussein hiding in a six-to-eight-foot deep hole, ripe miles exterior his hometown that Tikrit. He did no resist and was uninjured during the arrest. A soldier in ~ the scene described him as “a guy resigned come his fate.” Hussein to be arrested and also began trial for crimes versus his people, consisting of mass killings, in October 2005.

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In June 2004, the provisional government in place because soon after ~ Saddam’s ouster transferred power come the Iraqi Interim Government. In January 2005, the Iraqi people elected a 275-member Iraqi nationwide Assembly. A brand-new constitution because that the country was ratified that October. On November 6, 2006, Saddam Hussein was found guilty the crimes versus humanity and also sentenced to death by hanging. ~ an unsuccessful appeal, he to be executed ~ above December 30, 2006.

No tools of mass devastation were found in Iraq. The U.S. Asserted an finish to the battle in Iraq on December 15, 2011, almost ten years after the fighting began. 

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