I can't be the just one who noticed this but... Lock both have actually humanoid muscular bodies and they both have virtually the very same helmet shape... And also they both have wire tubes on your neck... And they both have actually a love in their chin...

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what.. Is this a simultaneous or some intentional style choice?


Considering The human being is the same kind of Stand as Star Platinum, explaining their similiarities in design, I think Crazy Diamond might likewise be the same form of Stand as them due to the fact that of Jonathan's human body being Dio's, hence the heritage, which would certainly pretty much explain why CD looks favor the World.

I can't it is in the only person who think the phrase "Same type of stand" is bullshit, deserve to I? Dio clearly was talking bullshit when he said that. The World and also Star Platinum having actually the same ability had to have actually been an ext meaningful 보다 "Oh, our stands just occur to have actually the exact same power. Cool."

Adding on to this; The World, Star Platinum and also Crazy Diamond all have actually abilities regarded time, i m sorry could additionally be a reason for their comparable looks. Over there are other 'categories' favor this too I believe. Like Koichi's action 3, Hierophant Green and Judgement having stone shaped eye (in the case of act3 fittingly likewise ears) and all seeming to have some deceiving ability (sound/taking over someone's body/illusions).

There's a concept going approximately that Dio's stand in reality just copies the stands of the Joestars. (I.e Dio having actually Jonathan's/Joseph's Hermit Purple, Jotaro's time stop, Josuke's crazy Diamond heal witch is how he addressed Pucci's foot.) and also why castle look really similar.

Another factor why he didn't usage Crazy Diamond's healing strength is because

He doesn't have plenty of friends.

He isn't an innovative as Josuke, and also found time protect against to it is in much much more useful.

Honestly, I favor this interpretation far better than the "same kind of stand" thing.

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If the World's ability being to copy every one of the Joestar stands makes a most sense. No only since Dio is seen using a Hermit Purple-like stand, and also because he could fix Pucci's foot, but since it entirely fits Dio. In Phantom Blood, his goal was to take it what belonged come the Joestars. The Joestars' was standing belong to them, so Dio having a was standing that can take their abilities is fitting.

Part 5-6 spoilers

Makes sense, too, because he initially wanted to it is in a Joestar. If was standing are simply your characteristics/desires/based top top mentality, now he is every the Joestars!

My sisters keeps saying the The people looks choose a bootleg crazy Diamond dressed together a person life-raft. :|


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