Pearl Jam"s lead singer and resident Cubs fan Eddie Vedder has penned a brand-new song around the Chicago Cubs at the inquiry of Cubs legend Ernie Banks. It"s called "All the Way." According to the band"s website, it must be made obtainable for downloading soon.

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Here is a sampling that the lyrics:

We are one v the Cubs, with the Cubs we"re in loveWe hold our heads tall together the underdogsWe space not fair-weather, but foul-weather fansWe space brother in arms in the streets and also the standsThere"s magic in the ivy and also the old scoreboardThe very same one ns stared at together a kid maintaining scoreIn a people full of green we might never want moreAnd at some point we"ll go all the wayHey, sooner or later we"ll go all the way

Here is the link to a YouTube video clip of the performance. Http://

Hopefully, "someday" is here...

Other music Interludes end the Years


The song most closely connected with the 2008 Cubs is the late Steve Goodman"s "Go Cubs Go", i m sorry is sung after every Cubs home victory. The course, the 1984 Cubs created their own song called "Men in Blue", perform by the likes of stack Sutcliffe, Jody Davis, Keith Moreland and others. That team had actually Van Halen"s "Jump" played before every home video game as the players come out onto the field. It to be an electric year.

Some of united state older fans might remember the 1969 tune "Hey Hey divine Mackerel."

Funny, ns don"t recall a track immortalizing the 2003 Cubs, though I"m sure Bartman"s name wouldn"t have actually been discovered anywhere in the lyrics.

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Hey, they may be campy and also lame, yet they"re ours Cubs songs. It could be worse, come to think the it. It could be "Let"s Go, Go-Go White Sox Polka."

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