What Is a Sissy Bar on a Motorcycle?

The motorcycle sissy bar is a steel bar that mounts come the rear of the motorcycle and also extends over the behind of the passenger section of the seat. The original function of the sissy bar top top motorcycles was to supply a mounting place for the behind fender. It to be nothing more than a fender strut.

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In the so late 60’s bike contractors started expanding the sissy bar and also using it for lashing luggage, or just making cool designs.

These days countless motorcyclists use sissy bars simply because it offers the passenger something solid to lean versus while riding. Others install them because they are stylish, or permit them to mountain luggage racks or flag holders.

Whatever your preference, the motorcycle sissy bar has been around awhile, and also we don’t watch it going far anytime soon.

Here is a Gasbox Bolt-on Chopper Sissy Bar ~ above a 2016 Harley-Davidson stole 883 Sportster.

Why Is It dubbed Sissy Bar?

The sissy bar it s okay it’s name together a bit of a “dig” towards the user. Initially the motorcycle sissy bar was often referred to together the sisters bar as a reference to her sister riding on the earlier of the bike. In the early 1960’s some says initiated legislations that mandated the usage of a bar on the ago of a street motorcycle for safety reasons. At the time bikers were not a group that really pertained to themselves v safety. Bikers started referring to the bars as “sissy” bars because they were no happy about having come comply with the brand-new law.

The sissy bar hatchet stuck and also is quiet the typical term used today back in specific chopper culture groups, the sissy bar for motorcycles may additionally be referred to as the bitch bar, or the bitch stick. Yeah, here we will call it a sissy bar.

History the Motorcycle Sissy Bars

A brief version that a sissy bar to be originally found on early motorcycle race bikes. The fender strut was expanded just over the ago of the behind seat because it created a great hold place making it easier to load and also unload bikes in and also out of carry vehicles. This is exactly how the Harley Davidson sissy bar involved be.

It wasn’t until the beforehand 1960’s through the advent of the motorcycle sissy bar legislations that the sissy bars we space so familiar with to be created.

In an answer to the brand-new laws several of the bikers began making ridiculously high sissy bars as a kind of protest. This tall custom sissy bars later became part of the ic chopper look we recognize today. They used a selection of products to fabricate these tradition sissy bar draft such together tubing, rod iron, key metal and even welded chain.



Page 32 that the California Choppers magazine from 1972 reflects a wide variety of sissy bars accessible for practice motorcycles.

The sissy bar gained much more popularity when the bicycle sector introduced wheelie bicycles like the Schwinn Sting Ray. These bicycles had an elevated seat that likewise used prolonged sissy bar. This elevated seat allowed the rider to readjust the weight distribution making wheelies a cinch.

The sissy bar remained popular through a great portion of the 70’s gaining popularity v the relax of the movie basic Rider special the well-known Captain America chopper ridden by Peter Fonda.



This twin A Chrome Plating advertisement in the earlier of the march 1972 worry of large Bike magazine advertises custom sissy bars sales, and springer former ends and other chopper components of the era.

Over the year motorcycle manufacturers have arisen bikes with and without sissy bars relying on the model and also use.

Today’s motorcycle sissy bars space known much more for their role than their form. Contemporary cruiser motorcycles frequently come standard with a padded sissy bar providing passengers a great handhold as well as a location to lean against when riding.

George Keeler"s 1968 Harley-Davidson XLCH making use of a Gasbox DIY sissy bar kit to assist mount his fender come his frame.

Ideas On exactly how to use Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Sissy Bars have the right to Be offered to mount the Fender come Frame

When you are structure a bobber bike among the worries you will challenge is figuring out just how to mount the behind fender.

A custom develop is specifically that, that custom. There are plenty of ways to attain the build but just how you decide to gain there is approximately you. It seems simple but relying on the type of bike friend are structure you may be do the efforts to accomplish a specific look.


Kevin Ludwig rojo in the deserts the Baja California, bag totally loaded because that a weekend obtain away top top his practice sissy bar.

For example, plenty of custom bobbers use a rigid layout (hardtail) frame and often the behind fender is placed less 보다 a ¼ inch above the behind tire. The sissy bar permits you to mountain that rear fender come the frame precisely where you desire it. Relying on the style of the develop you space going for, a sissy bar might be the answer.

This tough-as-nails Harley Shovelhead constructed by Zylstra Choppers offers the ic sissy bar to assist mount the rear fender ~ above this hardtail.

Sissy Bars Are good for Hauling equipment & Bags

If friend have ever before taken an extensive trip on a motorcycle you understand how complicated it is come take all of the necessities you have to accommodate gift on the open road. Camping gear, clothing, food, tooth brush, beer, whatever your needs are. Sissy bars administer the perfect ar to strap your stuff.

Chris LaCour on his Yamaha XS650 chopper, the sissy bar invited with every one of his camping gear and likewise lending lot needed earlier support.

Originally bikers would certainly wrap their gear in canvas tarps or bags to defend their equipment in instance of rain or wet weather conditions. This days there are a variety of sissy bar bags constructed from water-resistant products to do the job.

Strapping those bags to the sissy bar for transfer is tho a very common practice. This is generally a much much better option than trying come bungy other to your seat that have the right to slide off the bike and just disappear. Leaving you in the center of nowhere, v no equipment (or beer).

Tyler and Julia riding in style and also comfort top top a rigid Harley Sportster chopper. Keep in mind the small blanket for a tiny extra comfort and also multi use.

Sissy Bars space Comfortable because that Passengers

In the 1930’s bikers were putting leather pads on peak of the rear luggage racks developing a place for passenger to ride. If friend have ever ridden among these older bikes you know riding in the driver position was rough. Riding on the luggage rack to be brutal, but that was the means people travel for countless years.

As motorcycles evolved, they started to develop to accommodate the demands of the riders. This consisted of the needs of the passengers. Passenger seats Motorcycle two-up seats and sissy bars v backrest began to come standard on details cruiser bikes and also the comfort of the passenger began to become a factor to consider for motorcycle manufacturers.

See exactly how this sissy bar has a padded seat going all the way up? They speak to these a King and also Queen Seat and the sissy bar is giving every one of the support.Riding on a motorcycle together a passenger have the right to be difficult. Without a sissy bar you need to hang onto the driver or the chair itself. Depending on the driver and the terrain, this can complicated and is absolutely not a comfortable means to ride.

Sissy bars are for all passengers alike! They aid transport humans about safely and add some lull to the ride.

Sissy bars for motorcycles offer the passenger a firm location to lean against and organize onto. Relying on the layout of the sissy bar the passenger may have a pad to lean against, or a an excellent hand host to assist keep lock stable. This is a much much more comfortable position than having to skinny forward particularly when the driver requirements to get a tiny aggressive with the front brake.

This crazy long chopper by Angelo indigenous Buffalo, NY offers this high sissy bar to not only hold all his equipment for camping yet show off few of his craftsmanship an abilities with a welder and also separate his bike from the crowd.

Sissy Bars can Be a kind of unique Self-Expression

Over the year the sissy bars have been a focal allude of expression because that the cycle builder. Practice sissy bar designs deserve to be an easy or extravagant. They can be constructed for comfort, purpose, layout or a combination of all three. The usage of various fabrication methods merged with a variety of products make creating a cool sissy bar a fun part of structure a bike.

Staci Wilt and her custom Harley Sportster has actually a an easy yet distinctive sissy bar that provides her bike role and style.

The design choices are just endless and over the years builders have used the sissy bar to express us in unique ways not often duplicated elsewhere on the motorcycle.

Sissy Bars room Cool

Ultimately sissy bars are cool! They offer a selection of services on a motorcycle and they have the right to be fashioned into a unique type that stands out from the rest of the motorcycle.



Sissy bars have actually so many different features which just makes castle super cool!

It is amazing how inspiration can be occurred from adversity and also sissy bars top top motorcycles is a an excellent example of how that deserve to happen.

Trey Guidry making use of his sissy bar to help balance while that kicks end his Slabside Harley Shovelhead

Photos of custom Sissy Bar draft In Action


The sissy bar is an extension on the rear of a motorcycle that rises above the rear fender.


Sissy Bars for sure the Fender to your Bike’s Frame


Some sissy bars provide your passenger something to lean ago on.


Sissy bars can assist with securing your gear.


Extended sissy bars permits you come carry much more at once.


Mount a behind motorcycle fender with sissy bars because that extra lull on the road.


The sissy bar makes a motorcycle cooler.


Sissy bars sell secure mounting for riding v your stuff.


Sissy bars are an excellent for storage.

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We expect the following time you see a cool sissy bar ~ above a cycle you will certainly remember the history behind the component and have the ability to view it through a whole brand-new perspective.