Professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering illustrations that show every aspect of Mustang II Street Rod prior Suspension construction. The to plan will work with share or reduce spindles, and also stock or aftermarket control arms. Conventional or a wide range of aftermarket coil springs and also shocks deserve to be used. Coil end shocks deserve to be provided with aftermarket regulate arms.

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Hot Rod background has it that Chuck Lombardo to be the very first person to use the Mustang II former Suspension top top a street rod earlier in 1974, shortly after the Mustang II to be introduced. Why? as Chassis Engineering’s Eric Aurand noted in rod & custom Magazine, “This is the most modern-day passenger automobile non-strut tower independent front suspension ever before made, due to the fact that everything developed after this architecture has been either front-wheel drive or a tower-type configuration.”

Originally, the Mustang II IFS came to be popular v street rodders not only due to the fact that it was reasonably easy come install, compared to a subframe swap, but likewise because it handles so well and provides far better brakes and a rack and pinion steering choice as a bonus.

Top 10 factors Street Rodders use

the Mustang II front Suspension:

Great geometry — corners so well it’s provided on countless Cobra replicarsNarrow monitor width makes it perfect for hot rods and also street rodsSpindles design to job-related with an ext dependable rack and pinion steeringPower rack and also pinion steering easily and also economically adaptableIn other IFS cars, installing the Mustang II will enable you to remove bulky shock towers and make room for bigger enginesDisc brakes easily mountedLight weight — numerous drag racers use the Mustang II IFS come knock a many weight from the front finish of your carsPredictable roadway manners — lightweight suspension and also wheels add to better ride quality since there is much less momentum behind the wheel travel and the feather can much more easily store the wheel planted on the pavementEasy and economic to fix — aftermarket stock and performance materials widely obtainable (Speedway and also many others)Easy to update through huge range of aftermarket parts: tubular control arms, strut rods, coil-over shocks, air suspension, reduce spindles, chrome pieces, etc.

That’s why the Mustang II front suspension is by much today’s most famous independent front end with the Street Rod, Resto-Rod, hot Rod, Rat Rod and Custom vehicle community. 

Heck, the Mustang II IFS is so functional that you’ll sometimes even see them boosting the drive on T-Bucket hot rods.
The Mustang II IFS the street rodders love was produced from 1974 come 1978 and can also be discovered under the 1974-1980 Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat. However, the Mustang II prior Suspension has actually been therefore sought ~ by warm rodders and also street rod builders over the previous 40 years the you’d be really lucky to discover one you have the right to scrounge on the cheap from your neighborhood junkyard. The an excellent news is they’re so popular that all the component components are quiet widely accessible in the automotive aftermarket!

Over the years plenty of street pole shops created their very own Mustang II IFS kits, consisted of of the Mustang II aftermarket suspension components and their own fabrications that the an important key structure comprised of the crossmember, spring towers and also steering rack mounts. The difficulty is they sell for everywhere from over $1000 to well over $2000 or more — but that’s hard to totter if you’re a street rodder top top a spending plan or a grease-under-the-nails build-it-yourselfer! Heck, you’d even spend close come $500 just for a crossmember do-it-yourself kit!

So, also if you did discover a junkyard Mustang II with its former suspension tho intact, swapping it right into your street rod isn’t just a bolt-on upgrade as it requires welding in a brand-new crossmember, too as new mounts because that the suspension pieces. Now, there’s a true equipment for the median street rodder …

Why pay big bucks to part rod shop as soon as you deserve to make your own suspension for a portion of the cost? The Mustang II front Suspension we display you how to build in our plans looks and also works the same however costs a whole lot less!

Materials are inexpensive and also readily available.The price for materials is only a small fraction of what a rod shop kit costs!You have the right to do that yourself through these plans!Assembly is easy and also requires no an ext tools 보다 it would to mount the suspension using among those expensive chassis shop kits.These detailed, simple plans display you exactly how to take the raw materials and also shape them come the correct dimensions the same method the warm rod shops perform it.

Our “Build Your very own Mustang II front Suspension” plan package contains the following:

Fourteen (14) large 11×17″ pages reflecting you how to do all parts, assemble them and then download the perfect product effectively on your car.In enhancement to the drawings provided below you will likewise receive full installation instructions and important info on just how to pick which alternatives will occupational for your car.Plans encompass 3D views of every parts and assemblies to do fabrication and also installation less complicated than ever. You perform not need to know exactly how to read blueprints to use these plans.Application: global fit for many Street Rods , trucks, tradition cars and drag cars.Options: fully adjustable journey height. Locate the front wheels whereby you want them front come back. The plans with work-related with a stock or to reduce spindles, as well as stock or aftermarket regulate arms. Standard or a wide selection of aftermarket coil springs and shocks have the right to be used. Coil end shocks one be offered with aftermarket manage arms.The drawing package has both the plan to construct the front end and also a second set showing how to install the prior end.All illustrations are of experienced quality arisen using the latest in CAD (computer aided design) software. The computer-drawn plans patent the proper geometry to be developed so that the suspension on your build will it is in the same high quality that professional rod shops sell.

In enhancement to the drawings provided below you also will receive complete installation instructions and important information on how to choose which options will work for her car.

Steering Rack Mounts (2 types)Spring Tower “Set increase Gauge” PlatesCrossmember Front and also Rear PlatesCrossmember Top and Bottom PlatesCrossmember next PlatesCrossmember basic AssemblySpring Tower height PlateSpring Tower feather RingSpring Tower CapSpring Tower WrapSpring Tower basic AssemblyHow to collection Ride Height throughout InstallationHow to install the Crossmember to your ChassisHow to download the Spring TowersHow to Install the Strut RodsAlignment for the finest Ride and also HandlingFrame modifications for Steering Rack or feather Clearance (if needed)

You will obtain professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that show every element of Mustang II Street Rod former Suspension construction. The Mustang II front Suspension Plans drawing package includes: Fourteen (14) huge 11×17” pages showing you just how make all parts, rally them and then install the perfect Mustang II front Suspension efficiently in her car.

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Just click on the “Add to Cart” button and your Mustang II former Suspension Plans will be sent out to you promptly by return mail.