In an event which has attracted the fist of the worldwide media, one Indian navy officer's wife alleged that she was pinned down and also molested by senior officers together her husband stood ago and watched.


After allegations the molestation and sexual harassment, a navy officer"s wife in Kochi has accused her husband and other an elderly officers in the navy of indulging in wife swapping, and also her husband being coerced his superiors to it is in a component of their activities.

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The former resident of the Kochi naval base has asserted that not just did she catch her husband in a compromising position with another senior officer"s wife, yet she was told that she had to participate in their ritual of wife swapping if she husband had actually to maintain his job.


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According come a report released in The Times that India, the 26-year-old woman who is one IIT graduate, who has actually lodged 2 formal complaints - one with the Kochi Police, the other with Delhi Police - claimed that "wife swapping" to be a common practice in several an elderly ranks that the marine in India.

TOI reported

When asked just how she can substantiate her allegations, Sumedha said, "I understand what I have seen. There has been a complain filed earlier around wife-swapping in 2011 on INS Dronacharya yet the officers involved were posted out and the concern buried."

The woman has claimed in a tv interview that she deserve to identify the various other officcers affiliated in the case.

A navy command officer shown that they have actually started to probe she allegations. Defence minister AK Antony has sought a report about the incident.

However, a statement authorize by the Navy states that the young woman took her personal frustrations out on she husband"s friend who had tried to assist the pair sort your problems.

"The mam of the officer has actually leveled unfair allegations versus superior policemans in her husband"s chain the command, their spouses and other officers who have connected with her. These police officers accompanied by their particular spouses had actually tried to unsuccessfully fix the concerns dogging the couple"s an individual life in a bid come leverage the stamin of the naval ar bond.

Unfortunately, the lady had resorted to such techniques of dragging her estranged spouse"s colleagues into the vortex of their unhappy connection in the previous too in other units in which she husband has actually served. The couple was likewise sent come a marriage counselor under the aegis that the Navy Wives Welfare Association," the explain said.

However, the woman has denied walking for any type of counselling.

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"I have never unable to do for any type of counselling sessions. They are simply making statements to conserve each other," she alleged.