Polar bears Don"t Dance

Polar bear Don"t Dance

Polar bears Don"t dance (2011) Season 1 illustration 7- Wild Kratts Cartoon episode Guide
by Dave Koch
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CG computer animation 9 Story Entertainment dispersed by:TVO Productions, Kratts" Creatures Cartoon Characters:Chris Kratt, boy name Kratt, Polar Bear, Walrus. Voice Actors:Chris Kratt, martin Kratt, Athena Karkanis, heath Bambrick, Jonathan Malen. Directed ByChris Kratt, martin Kratt. Produced ByMartin Kratt, Vince Commisso, Steven Jarosz. Written ByMartin Kratt, chris Kratt, Eva Almos, chris Roy. Very first Aired top top January 12, 2011. Originally Aired on PBS youngsters (USA), TV Ontario (Canada). Running Time:30 minutes. Episode Number:7 Season:1 color Canada

After snowboarding in the Arctic, the Kratt brothers discover a mom polar bear, and also Martin is almost attacked by it. After a narrow escape, Chris and Martin learn around the extreme rivalry in between the Arctic Polar Bear, and also another mother, a Walrus. But after...(more)

Initially, a forty episode, half-hour adventure comedy. Later on three additional seasons to be added. Produced by Chris and Martin Kratt - adventurers, brothers, zoologists and also creators of hit shows such together Kratt"s Creatures, Zoboomafoo and Be the...(more)
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