The lineup because that the 2016 rate of among the longest-running country music establishments has ultimately been released. Going solid since 1972 once the heritage started through the Willie Nelson-helmed Dripping Springs Reunion just external of Austin, the fourth of July Picnics have been a yearly mainstay for country fans in Texas and also beyond.

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This year the event will be hosted for the second year in a heat at the Austin 360 Amphitheater on the grounds the the Circuit that the America’s Formula 1 raceway just external of Austin, and will attribute an outstanding list that talent, from Picnic mainstays choose Johnny Bush, beam Wylie Hubbard, and also David Allan Coe, to newcomers such together Margo Price and Shakey Graves.

The occasion has also included a couple of mainstream wild cards end the years, and also while critical year featured the palatable Eric Church and Kacey Musgraves, this year Brantley Gilbert somehow muscles his way onto the peak of the lineup. Aside from that, the lineup is rather strong, despite nothing may top 2015’s lineup as soon as promoters C3 Presents were able come wrangle Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, and Chris Stapleton all on the exact same stage.

Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth, where the 4th of July Picnic was organized for numerous years, has additionally scaled back slightly this year, only offering one evening with four bands rather of a two-day shindig favor last year. The Turnpike Troubadours room headlining the Billy Bob’s event, and also it will certainly be organized on July 2nd.

Presale because that tickets starts might 19th. Every tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. On may 20 via Ticketbastard. Tickets room $85 for booked seats in the Amphitheater, $65 for the basic admission and standing-room pit, and $39.50 and also up for general-admission lawn seating. VIP packages are also available for $300-$500.

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2016 Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic Lineup:Willie Nelson & Family Brantley Gilbert Jamey Johnson featuring unique guest Alison Krauss Kris KristoffersonLee Ann Womack Shakey Graves Leon Russell james town Revival Cody Johnson Margo Price Billy Joe Shaver Johnny Bush beam Wylie Hubbard David Allan Coe sleep at the Wheel Paula Nelson Raelyn Nelson Band individual Uke Dallas Wayne Amber Digby



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TriggerMay 16, 2016

“Modern job Prodigal Son” to be released seven years ago. Friend think there’s any kind of chance Brantley’s going to play the song during this set? No, he’s going to play the same collection he plays opening for Jason Aldean. I’m not saying the Brantley Gilbert is the worst the the worst. That does have actually a couple of good songs. And also he’s likewise got a boatload of terrible ones, especially his most high file singles.

Look, this is no Brantley Gilbert’s fault. He’s going to catch a bunch the flack, yet he is that he is. The people to blame room the promoters. The was totally inappropriate to placed Brantley Gilbert into this lineup, especially due to the fact that he’s most likely going to play the slot right prior to Willie. There is no doubt this lineup would be much better without Brantley Gilbert in it, and also nobody rather filling that slot. And also again, that’s no violation to Brantley. It’s simply not proper considering the rest of the lineup.

Having claimed that, this occasion over the year has always featured one or 2 mainstream guys. In reality when I visited the Willie Nelson Picnic in Ft. Precious in 2011 once it was an unified with the currently defunct country Throwdown tour, guess that played it? Brantley Gilbert. And also he was just as inappropriate then as he is now. Yet this time he’s comes in as the large headliner. That’s what renders it terrible.

I have it from reliable sources that the factor it took so long to notice this year’s fourth of July lineups for multiple occasions is because there was a dearth of available talent compared to ahead years. That’s why we’re seeing scaled back lineups and strange surname filling the end the rosters. Lock were getting to for a huge name, and also they reached too far. And also they were never ever going to optimal last year’s lineup, which was one because that the ages.