Teen Wolf season 5, illustration 9, “Lies that Omission,” simply finished airing. Inspect out ours recap and discuss with other fans!

The episode begins with Scott recapping what has been walk on in Beacon Hills therefore far and also how hopeless everyone appears to be feeling. We uncover out he’s telling all of this come Theo, who states he’s v Scott for much better or worse. “Trust me, there’s going to be worse,” Scott says. “I’m counting on it,” Theo replies.

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Yeah, we see appropriate through you, Theo Raeken. Right. Through. You.

Theo climate confronts the Dread Doctors about Hayden, who he desires alive, but the Doctors perform not care. He claims he was promised a pack, yet the physicians say he was promised nothing. They additionally talked around perigee syzygy, the supermoon, which appears to be when everything will go down for them. This is the very first time Theo in reality looks fear of the Doctors.


The Sheriff talks through Theo, that lies appropriate to his face. Well, Theo tells the truth, yet says he killed Donovan rather of Stiles. The Sheriff sympathizes with the lied liar that lies, and also hugs him. We’d favor to say us took this moment calmly and with grace, but it largely resulted in yelling in ~ the TV about how the hug was meant for Stiles.

At Sinema, the Dread Doctors display up because that Hayden. That looks touch and also go until Scott and also Theo display up, yet the doctors still control to get a needle into her neck. Her eyes go silver, but the doctors depart and also Hayden doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be dying.

Lydia notifies Parrish he’s covering up the superordinary deaths in town, and also while that’s an excellent to learn — we knew that wasn’t a negative guy, yet it’s always great to make certain — that still doesn’t tell united state what the heck he is. He notifies Lydia that once he desires of the Nemeton, over there are hundreds of bodies stacked versus the stump.

Parrish locks himself up so he won’t steal any more bodies, and also Sheriff Stilinski lets him be. Meanwhile, Scott confronts Stiles in a heart-wrenching step that has us cursing Theo even more than we already have to be (and that’s saying something). If only Scott had actually asked for Stiles’ version of events, the would know Theo was as much as no good. Yet it’s no use.

After Scott basically tells Stiles to revolve himself right into his dad, he goes within the clinic come see exactly how Hayden is doing. She’s no well, and also Liam think she’s dying. That asks Scott to give her the Bite, to turn her, therefore she can heal properly.

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Scott claims no.

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