Generally speaking human being of final Fantasy keeps things straightforward - it's draft to it is in a an ext approachable FF game, yet there's still a lot of little wrinkles and also twists in it the might capture some off-guard.

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We've been spanning a the majority of that here on our devoted guide pages. Fairly than a full-on walkthrough, we've covered the topics we think human being will acquire snagged on such as just how to find and catch all of the game's varied mirages, how to settle those cursed icicle ridge puzzles, just how champion summons work and a slew of general tips.

Y'know what rather it's great to have some pointers on? The ending. There's a few, friend see. Enable us to explain... minor spoilers, the course, though we'll save story details come an pure minimum.


World of final Fantasy Endings: how to gain the ideal one

Like most standard FF titles, world of last Fantasy does in reality make the pretty clear as soon as you're headed in the direction of the ending. The game's chapter-based framework tops out at thing 21 and also is complied with by a an extremely typically FF last dungeon, lock Exnine.

Your expedition through castle Exnine culminates in a collection of boss encounters (of course), i m sorry themselves at some point lead come a rather hefty encounter v your antagonist. You'll want to make good use the Champion Medals as well as character buffs, however given WOFF has actually a normally restrained difficulty level you should have the ability to force your method through this fight eventually.

Once friend do, a trophy will certainly pop and the credits will certainly roll. You've completed human being of final Fantasy! kind of... But as you'll learn from story events in lock Exnine, it's really a fairly somber ending. It's a little too sad. Lock can't leave it there... Right?

Watch the ending cutscene and let the closeup of the door credits roll. When they're done, save your progress...


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It's no over yet: people of final Fantasy's Postscript Begins

No! The video game sort of echoes your thoughts, I have to think. Time can, the appears, be rewritten. You'll be able to load the completed conserve from the finish of your pilgrimage in castle Exnine, and suddenly you're ago in the game, time rewound, with among your protagonists through a complete memory that the events of the critical ending and also one without.

The video game guides you on a tiny tour now and your score is basically to get the assistance of the Pleiad - a an effective group that contains Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh but also has Leviathan, Diabolos, Odin and Bahamut... I m sorry is quite the crew. You'll have to defeat each of them in a collection of decently difficult boss battles. Defeating them will obtain you their Prismarium.

To obtain started on this you'll want to go back to Plaza 99 in Nine wood Hills, clock the cut-scenes and also then talk to Serafie. Serafie will overview you a little bit and likewise offers a rumor radar, which'll basically suggest you in the best direction because that quests.

The rumor radar will certainly prod you in the direction of the four new intervention pursuits for Levithan (Ancestral Acrimony), Diabolos (When the past Still Haunts), Odin (A Clash of Swords) and Bahamut (The Demon Dyad Revealed). Do these quests.

You deserve to of course use this time to tidy up any kind of other side quests - in fact, us recommend you do just that.


Miniventure: Vestiges the Life

Once friend get every one of the Pleiad on your side by doing their treatment quests, chatting come Serafie around Tama will kick off a brand-new miniventure, Vestiges the Life. The Girl that Forgot Her surname will likewise have something come say on this matter, for this reason go check out her - this will start a search that watch you return to Icicle Ridge.

This search is really an extremely simple: got to the area you're said to and also fight your means from one finish to the other. This is a an excellent place to strength up any favourite mirages because enemies right here drop a decent amount the XP, especially due to the fact that in the postscript castle Exnine isn't available to grind in.

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At the finish of this very linear area you'll uncover a kyubi. You're ~ the item kyubi's soul, so.. Carry out what you have to. That way killing it appropriate dead. Sorry, kyubi. 

Once you've done that, go back to the Girl's Tearoom to complete the quest. Your key reward will be yielded in a cutscene, but likewise pick increase the added reward indigenous the miniventures pursuit list.


Defeating human being of last Fantasy's final boss & gaining the true ending

We've already gone end the simple requirements for world of last Fantasy's appropriate final ceo above: You basically require to have completed the Vestiges that Life miniventure but you also need to have actually completed every one of the Pleiad Intervention quests - that's because that Bahamut, Odin, Diabolos, Leviathan, Shiva, Ifrit and Ramuh

This alone will let you access the final battle, and also once girlfriend visit Plaza 99 in nine Woods Hills after ~ completing all of these missions a cutscene will take place. 

Serafie will certainly ask if you're all set to hit - but if you speak yes there is no fulfilling certain other requirements you'll lock yourself out of the post-ending content. For this reason wait!

What you'll want to execute is head come the Girl's Tearoom and also check the treatment Quests that The Girl who Forgot Her name manages for you. If any kind of of these treatment quests are left unfinished, you won't unlock the post-ending content to play.

Complete every little thing that the girl has for you come do and also pick up every little thing she provides - Champion Medals, intervention quests, the works. Clean her out.

Once you've excellent this, you can finally talk to Serafie. You'll have the ability to take top top the final bosses currently - because the final encounters room a gauntlet the several lengthy boss battles in a row. Here's some video footage (not indigenous us!) the the last boss encounter and also ending - spoilers!

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It's precious noting that in the final boss the the lot your champion medals will be disabled. Vital to this series of battles over all rather is preparation: to buy what you need for Chocolette, stocking increase on hi-potions, ethers and the like. 

In regards to mirage and also stack setup, our advice is to shoot because that a great amount that Dark Resistance due to the fact that it's the many common element you'll face. You'll additionally want come make sure you have accessibility to some an excellent physical assault moves. I personally didn't find magic as advantageous as a physical hammering. 

I used many of mine mirajewels on an abilities to rise my simple stats and also on skills that could help me resist the dark aspects the bosses most frequently use. You might need to shot these to meet once, die, and then reload with a little of a far better knowledge of your move-set. Remember that the protagonist duo have their very own strengths and weaknesses, too: emphasis Reynn ~ above being her physical powerhouse and also have Lann ready to buff and heal.

Once you finish these bosses, the video game will end again. There'll be an additional extra cutscene that will show up so long as you've completed all of the treatment quests.

If girlfriend have, you'll climate get access to three bonus dungeons.

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Completing these dungeons - EX Dungeon A, B and C - will certainly then unlock one last challenge, EX Dungeon Z. Come add second layer that strategy you'll also now have the ability to remove Reynn and Lann from their stacks, an interpretation you deserve to have a ridge of three varied mirages. You'll additionally now have the ability to return to lock Exnine and explore its newly unlocked mystery area, to add revisit any type of other locations of the video game you select including the Coliseum.