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“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We go to promos from earlier today, special Kevin Owens talking around Sami Zayn and also how he better not gain in his service when facing Dean Ambrose tonight, Dana Brooke and Charlotte stepping the end of a limo prior to Charlotte says Sasha banks can’t lace her boots and also Dana says lightning i will not ~ strike twice, Miz welcomes Darren Young and also Bob Backlund to MizTV later tonight, saying Bob will certainly tell us how he’s walk to make Darren Young great again and also Miz will certainly tell that why he is wrong, and Dean Ambrose promising the Kevin Owens’ ego will certainly be shattered, his kneecap battered, and also his confront splattered almost everywhere the mat courtesy of the WWE Champion. V that, we go to an update Smackdown intro that brings us into a packed arena because that the critical Smackdown prior to the WWE Draft! Sasha banks makes her means out to the ring for the opening match of the night against Dana Brooke, who makes her way out following accompanied by Charlotte. The bell rings, and our opening contest is underway!

Sasha financial institutions vs. Dana Brooke

Sasha immediately gets a rollup top top Dana because that a nearfall. She follows with a backslide that gets the same result, prior to hitting a sunset flip and a dual knee to the confront for yet another nearfall. Dana leaves the ring to take it a breather, just to it is in met v a baseball on slide from Sasha. Banks turns she attention toward the Women’s Champion, which allows Brooke to hit a chop block prior to bringing Banks back into the. Brooke v a snapmare before locking in a chinlock. Sasha battles for a moment, ultimately getting to she feet only to it is in taken down v a clothesline by Brooke. Dana place a boot on banks for a nearfall before going for a Samoan Driver…but that reversed by Sasha because that a nearfall! banks begins to transforms things roughly as she hits a crossbody because that the nearfall. Sasha goes because that a dual knee in the corner, but Brooke stays clear of it prior to rolling her up for a nearfall, which itself is reversed by banks for a nearfall. Charlotte it s okay up top top the apron but is knocked off by Banks, who is rolled up by Dana because that a nearfall. Sasha easily rolls out, locking in the financial institution Statement! Dana has actually no selection but to tap out, giving Sasha financial institutions the win!

Winner via submission: Sasha Banks

There’s no time to celebrate as Charlotte comes right into the ring, taking financial institutions down through a boot to the face! Charlotte proceeds the attack, throw Sasha into the notice table before standing ~ above it come mock the Legit Boss. We get replays of what taken place as Charlotte and also Dana retreat up the ramp. Comment takes us ago to Monday Night RAW, when Vince McMahon announced Shane McMahon as the Commissioner that Smackdown Live! We watch a tweet indigenous Shane O’Mac announcing a deal has actually been reached with the brand-new GM that will it is in revealed on Monday Night RAW. Backstage we view Shane talking through Dean Ambrose, prior to commentary hypes Dolph Ziggler taking on Rusev increase next!


Back from commercial, we discover out you deserve to do your own fantasy WWE draft on the WWE website! in ~ ringside, Lana has joined us to present the WWE cosmos to the “true American hero,” the current and also all-time biggest United claims Champion, and also my fiance, the Bulgarian Brute Rusev! Rusev provides his method to the ring together we go earlier to raw on Monday, once Ryder challenged Sheamus prior to Rusev make a declare in agree Ryder’s difficulty for the united state Title! at Battleground it’ll it is in Ryder looking to become a two-time United states Champion once he take away on Rusev, but tonight the existing champion deals with the Showoff, Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler makes his way to the ring, and this enhance is underway!

WWE United states Champion Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler reflects some the his amateur prowess early on on, yet Rusev responds v some an effective stomps in the corner. Ziggler whipped into the corner however fights back, prior to Rusev records him v a swinging slam to the mat together we go to commercial.

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Back from commercial, Rusev is quiet in control before Ziggler begins to fight back with some right hands and also kicks. Rusev stop him through a knee to the midsection, yet Ziggler goes because that a Famouser…only because that Rusev to present some much more of that power, sending him down difficult for a nearfall. Rusev goes for a kick, but Ziggler dodges and locks in a sleeper host on the champion! Rusev eventually breaks out, but Ziggler hits a DDT and also a Famouser because that the nearfall. Ziggler gets captured again, this time through a tough slam and a absent to the gut by Rusev who looks to lock Ziggler in the Accolade before…


Zack Ryder comes out to the ring, distracting Rusev long enough for Ziggler come get back up…but Rusev sends Ziggler the end of the ring prior to leaving, and throws Ziggler right into Ryder! Rusev brings Ziggler and Ryder into the ring, however Ryder gets the end of there together Ziggler rolls up Rusev because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Ryder celebrate on the ramp together we gain replays, prior to we check out an irate Rusev tearing the turnbuckles off and beginning a rampage in ~ the notice table! comment hypes a big one ~ above one for later on tonight as WWE Champion Dean Ambrose take away on Kevin Owens, and also a big tag complement as Enzo and Cass take it on AJ Styles and Karl Anderson the The Club! yet up next, we’re walk to view what happened when the brand-new Day paid a visit to the Wyatt family compound!


Back from commercial, commentary takes united state to what we observed on Monday night when new Day visited the Wyatt compound. We gain highlights the the insanity the went down, primarily the huge brawl between the 2 trios. That ends through the “fireflies” of much more of Wyatt’s followers and Bray yelling “Follow the buzzards!” comment hypes the new Day taking on The Wyatt household at Battleground, before The society comes the end to the ring because that a tags team affair against Enzo and also Cass! This complement is up next!


Back from commercial, Enzo and Cass do their way to the ring. Mic in hand, Enzo reminds us his surname is Enzo Amore, and also he is a certified G and a bonafide stud, and also you can not teach that! This right here is large Cass, and also he’s 7 foot tall, and also you can not teach that! Bada boom, realest guys in the room! just how you doin’? The Club, ns am sick and also tired of listening you say you are too sweet…cause friend ain’t foolin’ anybody. Even at the finish of the day, salt looks choose sugar! Oh, friend don’t prefer that? What execute we acquired here? A cuppa hatas, a cuppa hatas! You men are looking quite salty. Cass says the last thing they wanna do is ache The Club before Battleground, however even though it is last on our perform of things to do, that is ~ above our list of things to do, and also we don’t have anything else to do…alright, let’s do it. Enzo says they’re gonna acquire in that ring and hit The Club through a Metamucil haymaker and also drop them prefer a deuce! Cass states they’re gonna prove there’s only one word to define them, and he’ll spell that out: S-A-W-F-T…SAWWWWFT! Enzo and also Cass team with John Cena to take on The club at Battleground, yet this tag complement tonight is underway!

Tag MatchAJ formats & karl Anderson vs. Enzo & Cass

Cass starts things off clearing the ring the both AJ and Karl, prior to launching Enzo top top The Club together we go to commercial.


Back native commercial, Cass is tho in regulate as he tags in Enzo, as AJ tags in Karl. Karl turns things around as he lays right into Enzo, tagging in AJ who continues the assault. AJ with a pendulum backbreaker that gets that a nearfall, before tagging Karl earlier in. Karl drops Enzo under hard prior to getting one more nearfall. Karl v some punches prior to tagging in AJ, who lays part kicks into Enzo prior to working the leg. AJ autumn a boot into Enzo’s knee before tagging in Karl, who works the leg before getting a nearfall and also tagging AJ ago in. Enzo is struggling as he fights back, however AJ autumn Enzo right into the corner and hits a forearm that sends Enzo out of the ring. Karl tries to pick up Enzo, that drives him right into the barricade. AJ goes after Enzo, who drops AJ onto the rope prior to getting into the ring. Enzo goes for a tag but is reduced off by Karl, that knees him clear the end of the ring. Karl charges in ~ Enzo, who gets out of the method and proceeds to avoid an elbow drop as he looks for the tag. Karl gets the tag come AJ, who stops Enzo from obtaining a tag…but Enzo autumn him with a Tornado DDT! Enzo inches toward Cass as karl gets into the ring, distracting the ref long sufficient for Gallows to gain involved. Moments later, AJ gets Enzo into the Calf Crusher, and Enzo has no an option but to tap out!

Winners via submission: AJ formats & karl Anderson

Commentary talks about Brock Lesnar’s go back to UFC top top Saturday together he take it on note Hunt, picking up a large win. We obtain a clip of the post-200 press conference together Brock recommendations his adversary for Summerslam, Randy Orton! speak of Orton, he will certainly be a unique guest on chris Jericho’s highlight Reel in ~ Battleground! commentary hypes the one top top one in between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens later tonight!


Back indigenous commercial, Breezeango is in the ring as Tyler Breeze gets prepared for a singles match versus Kalisto up next! Kalisto provides his method to the ring add by Sin Cara, and also this match is underway!

Tyler Breeze vs. Kalisto

Breeze takes Kalisto come the corner, but Kalisto responds v a flurry that offense. Breeze takes benefit of a distraction by Fandango to hit a Supermodel Kick because that a nearfall, and covers Kalisto for one more one. Breeze looks frustrated as he goes because that yet one more cover and also gets a nearfall. Breeze goes for a suplex, yet Kalisto reverses into a nearfall. Breeze with one more kick because that a nearfall. Breeze taunts Kalisto as he hits a appropriate hand, and also continues till Kalisto transforms things about with a corkscrew shoulder tackle off the ropes. Breeze takes a kick to the next of the head before dodging another and also getting a cover because that a nearfall. Kalisto quickly hits a Salida Del Sol because that the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kalisto

The Lucha dragon celebrate in the ring together we get replays native the match. Backstage, Shane McMahon is chatting v Becky Lynch as we get ready because that MizTV with Darren Young and Bob Backlund, up next!


Back native commercial, we give thanks to Skillet because that “Feel Invincible,” one of the theme songs for Battleground! at ringside, we see Maryse and also The Miz!

MizTV through Darren Young and also Bob Backlund

Maryse tells united state to obtain on our feet for she husband, the sexiest male alive and the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz! Miz welcomes us to the most must-see WWE talk display in history, MizTV! following Tuesday we will certainly all angry the WWE breeze on Smackdown Live and also all witness history! and also that brings united state to tonight’s guests: one has made history, and the other is still trying to find his place in it. Darren Young and WWE hall of Famer Bob Backlund! Young and also Backlund make their way to the ring as we go back to RAW as soon as Darren winner the right to an obstacle for the Intercontinental Championship in ~ Battleground! comment hypes that match as we go ago to ringside, where Miz thanks them both for being here and also puts over Backlund huge. For those of you that don’t know him, stop look at some WWE Network clips the Bob Backlund! We acquire a nice video clip package putting over Backlund’s practically six year title reign as WWE Champion as well as his initiatives to it is in a duty model. A ring of applause from anyone for the WWE hall of Famer prior to Miz continues, speak Backlund has done it all and also is going to instill that wisdom come Darren Young. Stop look in ~ the job of Darren Young! We obtain a check pattern, together Miz mocks Darren for having actually done “nothing” in WWE. Darren assures that v Backlund as his coach he can be a good champion, and also at Battleground the only thing I need to do is take the championship indigenous you! Miz points out that Darren didn’t really success the title shot, so lot as everyone else lost. Am ns right, Mr. Backlund? Backlund speak Darren come look in ~ Miz, because he’ll never be a an excellent champion. Maryse and also Miz both start berating Backlund, drawing the ire of Darren Young who says he’s gonna teach Miz a lesson at Battleground once he beats him for the Intercontinental Championship. Miz speak Darren the if he touch his microphone again…Darren grabs the mic again, daring Miz to execute something about it. Miz and also Maryse simply leave the ring and up the ramp as Darren’s music hits. Backstage, Shane McMahon chats v R-Truth together we room reminded the the brand-new Smackdown GM will be revealed this Monday night! comment hypes Dean Ambrose taking on Kevin Owens, and that is increase next!


Backstage, Sasha banks is being confirm on by trainers when Charlotte and also Dana Brooke educate her the they’ve signed a tag match for Battleground. Hope Sasha can discover a partner in time! ago at ringside, Dean Ambrose provides his way to the ring because that this huge match against Kevin Owens! comment hypes the Triple Threat complement at Battleground together Dean is collection to safeguard his title versus Seth Rollins and also Roman Reigns, yet he take away on Kevin Owens tonight! Owens provides his way out to the ring together commentary hypes his match against Sami Zayn in ~ Battleground, and also suddenly Seth Rollins makes his means out to join the announcement table together this enhance is underway!

Non-Title MatchWWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Owens blindsides Ambrose at the outset, however Ambrose transforms things about with some appropriate hands that sends Owens out to take a breather. Ambrose continues to be right on peak of Owens, slamming him right into the announce table before transforming his attention to Seth Rollins. Owens gets after Ambrose as Rollins strikes the champ indigenous behind, forcing the ref to speak to for the bell!

Winner via disqualification: Dean Ambrose

Owens and Rollins proceed to beat increase Ambrose until Sami Zayn comes in, and he help Ambrose clear the ring of Owens and Rollins together we walk to commercial.


Back from commercial, we’ve been informed this match is currently a tag enhance as Zayn and also Ambrose challenge Rollins and also Owens!

Main event – sign MatchWWE Champion Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

Ambrose autumn Rollins off the apron before going to work on Owens. Ambrose pipeline the ring to go after Rollins, however gets thrown right into the barricade through Owens for his troubles. Owens continues the strike before bringing the champ earlier into the ring before hitting a best hand and tags in Rollins, who lays into Ambrose with some right hands and kicks. Rollins v a bodyslam now, functioning a chinlock top top Ambrose who gets out just to it is in dropped earlier to the mat. Rollins tags in Owens, that boots Ambrose and taunts Zayn prior to going because that a senton…but Ambrose gets the end of the way! Rollins misses Ambrose, that tags in Zayn. Zayn autumn Owens off the apron before unleashing ~ above Rollins through a Tornado DDT that sends Rollins out of the ring. Owens charges at Zayn, who sends out Owens out of the ring prior to he and also Ambrose hit a twin dive ~ above Owens and also Rollins. Owens pulls the leg of Zayn as he goes into the ring, permitting Rollins to knock him under for a nearfall. Rollins tag in Owens, that goes to occupational on Zayn together we walk to commercial.

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Back native commercial, Owens does every little thing he can to keep Zayn indigenous making a tag to Ambrose as he lays right into Zayn through a chop in the corner. Tag to Rollins, who drives his boot right into the challenge of Zayn. Sami fights back, yet takes a forearm in the edge from Rollins. Seth taughts the crowd and Ambrose, prior to walking right right into a Michinoku Driver through Zayn! Sami makes the tag to the champ as Rollins tags in Owens, and the maniac Fringe is on fire together he lays right into Owens in the corner! Owens has Ambrose on his shoulders, yet it’s reversed into a Saito Suplex by Ambrose adhered to by an elbow drop indigenous the turnbuckle because that a nearfall. Remote tag native Rollins as Ambrose access time a to run bulldog ~ above Owens. Ambrose block the initiatives of Rollins to hit a swinging neckbreaker, however Owens division up the resulting nearfall. Rollins v an enziguri, however is met v a lunatic Lariat by Ambrose for a nearfall. Ambrose goes because that Dirty Deeds and also it’s reversed right into a Pedigree, i beg your pardon is blocked together Zayn it s okay the tag and also a crossbody because that the nearfall. Rollins and Zayn exchange holds prior to Zayn records Rollins with an exploder suplex right into the corner. Owens nearly takes a Helluva Kick however Ambrose goes for a dive, i beg your pardon is blocked as Owens throws the champ right into the steel procedures while Rollins rolls up Zayn because that a nearfall. Zayn misses a Helluva absent on Rollins, who hits the Pedigree because that the win!

Winners via pinfall: Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

We acquire replays of the match as Owens continues the assault on Zayn, prior to Ambrose stop it. The champ transforms his attention to Rollins before going into the ring, and both guys go at it just a few days before their WWE Championship enhance on Monday Night RAW. Rollins manages to get out the the ring and regroups v Owens together Ambrose stares him under from the ring. Commentary reminds united state of the WWE title match on RAW, and Smackdown Live on Tuesday featuring the WWE Draft. Rollins and Ambrose argue from a distance as the show, the critical Thursday Night Smackdown, pertains to a close.