around You Don"t recognize Me

You Don"t understand Me is the surname of the lead-off single from Ben Folds" 3rd studio album, method to Normal. The song attributes Regina Spektor on vocals dueting through Ben Folds. The song is likewise the fourth song on Ben Folds" 2009 album stems & Seeds.

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I wanna ask youDo you ever sit and wonder,It"s for this reason strangeThat we can be with each other forSo long, and never know, never ever careWhat walk on in the other one"s head?Things I"ve felt however I"ve never ever saidYou claimed things that I never ever saidSo I"ll say something that i should have actually said lengthy ago:(You don"t know me)You don"t know me at all(You don"t understand me)You don"t understand me at all (at all)You could have just propped me increase on the table prefer a mannequinOr a cardboard stand-up and also paint me (paint me)Any confront that you wanted meTo be seen.We"reDamned through the existential minute whereWe observed the couple in the coma andIt was we were the cliche,But we brought on anyway.So, sure, I could just close my eyes.Yeah, sure, trace and also memorize,But have the right to you go back once friend know(You don"t know me)You don"t recognize me at all(You don"t understand me)You don"t recognize me at all (at all)(You don"t know me)You don"t understand me at all(You don"t know me)You don"t know me at all (at all)If I"m the human that friend think ns amClueless chump you seem come think i amSo easily led astray,An errant dog who occasionally escapes and needs a shorter leash, thenWhy the f*ck would you desire me back?!Maybe it"s because(You don"t know me in ~ all)(You don"t recognize me,you don"t know me.)So, what I"m trying come say isWhat (What?)I"m trying to tell youIt"s no gonna come out favor I wanna speak it reason I know you"ll only readjust it.(Say it.)(You don"t understand me)You don"t recognize me at all(You don"t recognize me)You don"t know me at all (at all)(You don"t recognize me)You don"t understand me at all(You don"t know me)You don"t know me at every (at all)What?

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Ben crease Benjamin Scott "Ben" wrinkle (born September 12, 1966) is an American singer-songwriter and also record producer. From 1995-2000, Folds to be the frontman and pianist that the alternate rock band Ben wrinkle Five. After ~ the team temporarily disbanded, folds performed together a solo artist and also has toured anywhere the world. The team reunited in 2011.

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He has likewise collaborated with musicians such together William Shatner, Regina Spektor and also "Weird Al" Yankovic and also undertaken speculative songwriting tasks with authors such together Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman. In enhancement to contributing music to the soundtracks of the animated movies Over the Hedge, and Hoodwinked!, Folds produced Amanda Palmer"s an initial solo album and also has to be a judge on the NBC a cappella singing dispute The Sing-Off … an ext »