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Christopher "Chris" Christie is an American politician currently serving together the 55th governor of brand-new Jersey and a top member that the Republican Party. ~ above the Internet, and in the news, Christie has actually garnered a favorable call for his down-to-earth and approachable public image. In June 2015, Christie gotten in the gyeongju in the 2016 Republican presidential primary; In February 2016, the suspended the campaign.


Prior come entering politics, kris Christie operated as an lawyer in the personal sector and served together a ar legislator in Morris County, new Jersey native 1995 come 1998. Having actually campaigned because that George W. Shrub during the presidential election, Christie was ultimately appointed as United says Attorney because that the state of brand-new Jersey in 2002 and continued to organize the position until 2008. Christie increased to nationwide prominence through the notice of his candidacy for governor of new Jersey in January 2009. After ~ winning the Republican nomination v 55% the the poll in the major election, Christie defeated the incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine through a margin of 3.6% with around 48.5% of the full vote, the largest margin for a very first term Republican because 1969. Christie to be sworn right into office on January 19th, 2010.

2016 Presidential Campaign

In January 2015, Christie developed a political activity committee (PAC) to raise resources for a potential project in the 2016 United claims presidential election. On June 27th, Christie introduced an main website because that his presidential campaign. Top top June 30th, 2015, Christie officially announced his bid in the Republican presidential primary at his high institution in Livingston, new Jersey. In the announcement, Christie proclaimed that both the Republican and also Democratic parties had actually "failed our country."

That day, several Viners remixed a video clip clip native the notice featuring an enthusiastic support standing behind Christie, nicknamed "Christie Guy" (shown below).

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On February 10th, 2016, Christie announced the suspension that his Republican presidential campaign, soon after the disappointing results in the Iowa caucus and the new Hampshire primary.