by Mike LangeStaff Writer SANGERVILLE — due to the fact that the history Channel canceled “Downeast Dickering” in January, Maine fans have started a Facebook web page that has actually drawn much more than 6,600 “likes” in an effort to obtain the reality show reinstated. But don’t expect regional star Clint Rohdin of Sangerville to acquire on board.

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By Mike LangeStaff Writer

SANGERVILLE — since the background Channel canceled “Downeast Dickering” in January, Maine fans have started a Facebook page that has actually drawn much more than 6,600 “likes” in an effort to gain the reality display reinstated. Yet don’t expect regional star Clint Rohdin the Sangerville to obtain on board. “When this display started, ns canceled my facebook page and fenced turn off my driveway,” Rohdin said. “They can acquire 2 million likes and also I wouldn’t go ago on it again.”

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DOWNEAST DICKERERS — Nate items (left) and Clint Rohdin take a break last spring from salvaging items from an apartment structure that was later demolished in Guilford.

Rohdin, Nate Knight and Bruce thomas were among the teams featured on the display that portrayed Mainers bartering because that goods and also services whereby no cash was exchanged. Rohdin is finest known locally as a residence painter, roofer and also handyman. Items is a neighbor that works because that the Piscataquis sink Adult education and learning Cooperative; and Thomas, who lives in Willimantic, has done everything from logging to dairy farming. While Rohdin claimed he was assured the the filming would have actually a minimal result on his family members life and everyday dealings, he said the opposite was true. “We no only operated eight and also 10 hrs a day to get 5 or ten minutes worth of film, but they took some of the best parts out,” the said. “So there was a lack of ‘true’ reality.” In addition, Rohdin claimed that the personalities were paid strictly every episode. “So if they have actually reruns on for 10 years, we don’t gain a dime extra,” the explained. “In addition, lock filmed eight illustration the first year, and didn’t display me in one of them; the second year, they filmed me in seven and didn’t display me in two.” Thomas, however, said he mostly delighted in the endure “even if it took some acquiring used to. If you could forget the camera to be on you, it was a lot easier.” among the defect Thomas provided was the production schedule, which take it up most of the summer. “I’m not provided to gift tied down, especially when there’s occupational that needs to it is in done,” that said. That agreed through Rohdin top top one thing, however. “I couldn’t believe how lengthy it would require to get five or 10 minutes of usable film,” the said. “We’d think few of the ingredient was great but it never made the final cut.” Thomas stated that Rohdin didn’t hide the fact that he to be annoyed. “He would certainly pull part things during the shootings that would certainly make us all laugh. I think he quit four or five times” he said. “We’re still friends today.” follow to the Portland press Herald, the “Bring back Downeast Dickering” Facebook web page was began by Jason Perkins, a restaurant chef from Pittsfield, who stated that the page acquired 3,500 “likes” in 24 hours. The display was also inspired by Mainers’ usage of “Uncle Henry’s Swap or offer It Guide,” and the production firm that filmed the episodes placed “help wanted” ads in the magazine for participants. About 15 former actors members that “Downeast Dickering” will accomplish for a rally on Sunday, might 17 in ~ America’s Mattress in Windham native 1 come 3 p.m., yet Thomas claimed that he has other plan for that day. “It’s too bad that some local TV terminal couldn’t produce a program prefer this,” the said. “At the very least the show pictured us as Mainers do something that works.” but Rohdin claimed that wasn’t always the case.

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“In part episodes, us wound up looking like a bunch that unemployable human being ripping off their neighbors,” he said. “So I’ve had enough of being famous, even for a short time.”